Teen sleep: Routines, mattress and pillow choice 

As the mid-term and mock exams approach for A-level students like my son Diego, who will be facing his A-level final exams in May and June 2024, it’s essential for me as a caring mother to address the challenges of his teenage sleep. The end-of-exam bell signals a shift in routines, and teens may find themselves grappling with altered sleep patterns, impacting their well-being. In collaboration with sleep technology firm Simba, London Mums provide expert advice on teen sleep preparation for academic challenges.

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The importance of teen sleep

Teenagers, preparing for mid-term and mock exams, require ample sleep for optimal cognitive function. They need 8-10 hours of sleep per night, crucial for a robust immune system, prevention of obesity, managing depression, and sustaining effective learning. While the recommended bedtime window is between 8 pm and 12 am, the natural circadian rhythm shift during adolescence might lead teens to prefer later bedtimes.

Winter sleep challenges

As winter sets in, the challenges of maintaining healthy sleep routines shift. With exams looming, it’s crucial to establish consistent sleep schedules, even amidst academic pressures. Changes in routines, coupled with the allure of cosy winter evenings, can disrupt sleep patterns. Gradually adjusting wake-up times becomes essential for maintaining circadian rhythm alignment.

Simba’s Tips for Better Teen Sleep

Simba have recently sent us a Hybrid mattress and a special cooling pillow for Diego to test. They have also provided tips for teens facing mid-term and mock exams:

  1. Regular Exercise: Incorporate at least 20 minutes of physical activity three times a week to manage stress and improve sleep.
  2. Comfortable Sleep Environment: Simba’s Hybrid® mattress, known for its comfort and innovative features, aids in restorative sleep, crucial for exam preparation.
  3. Limit Caffeine: Control evening caffeine intake to ensure uninterrupted sleep, especially during exam periods.
  4. Healthier Bedtime Snacks: Opt for sleep-promoting snacks like cheese and milk with tryptophan, aiding relaxation.
  5. Consistent Mealtimes: Maintain regular mealtimes, avoiding heavy meals close to bedtime.
  6. Motivation: Encourage winter activities that balance academics, providing a positive outlet for stress.
  7. Limit Electronics: Create a conducive sleep environment by establishing device-free zones and curfews.
  8. Fresh Air: Ensure well-ventilated bedrooms to promote sleep quality, even during winter.
  9. Darkness at Night: Keep bedrooms dark to support melatonin production, aiding sleep initiation.
  10. Wind-Down Routine: Establish a consistent pre-bedtime routine, signalling the body to prepare for sleep.
  11. Separate Study Area: Designate a study space outside the bedroom to maintain a sleep-friendly environment.
  12. Gradual Bedtime Adjustment: If sleep schedules shift, gradually bring back bedtime by 15 minutes every three nights.


Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Teen sleep Routines, simba mattress and pillow choice mattress and pillow choice


Simba’s hybrid mattress range adapts to various preferences and budgets, offering gravity-defying comfort and innovative features. The original Hybrid mattress, with its cooling solutions and anti-allergenic sleep surface, becomes a crucial asset as teens transition from single to double beds for added space. After two weeks, Diego not only stopped having back and neck pain but he has better mood generally and seems more focused. As a mum of an overachieving student, I’d do everything to ensure he gets to his A levels exams in perfect form. Prioritising sleep becomes paramount for students’ academic success and overall well-being. Simba’s Hybrid mattress has been crucial to enhance Diego’s sleep quality during the winter exam season and beyond.

Diego has always slept on soft mattresses before and was not keen on the firmness of this Simba mattress. But from day one of using his Simba hybrid mattress, he realised that it is much more comfortable to sleep on a firm surface. And the cooling pillow is also helpful to get the spine and neck to rest in the right position. The Simba Hybrid Pillow has just won a Product of the Year award 2024 for best bedding. I was there to witness their success. The brand and R&T team is young and energetic. A lovely group of people who seemed incredibly passionate about their product. Quite right so. Diego has been enjoying it and, more importantly, has been sleeping much better because his back and neck are perfectly aligned now.

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8 signs a mattress causes back pain

As the exam season approaches, back pain becomes a concern. Recognising signs such as waking up in pain or struggling to find a comfortable position indicates a potential issue with the mattress.

Choosing the right mattress

Simba mattresses, designed with responsive layers and edge-to-edge support, aim to alleviate back pain. The Aerocoil® micro spring comfort layer and multi-zoned foam base provide personalised, full-body support, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

I am aware that £800 is a little investment but one worth making into our family health. 

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