Struggling to conceive a child? What women can do to improve their chances naturally

Having a child is a life-affirming experience, and for many of us, it is something that we’ve always dreamed of and planned for.

While you might think that all you have to do is have unprotected vaginal sex with your partner, the reality isn’t always that simple.

For many couples, it could take weeks or even months to convince naturally, for a wide variety of reasons.

If you’re trying to have a baby, whether it’s your first or an extension of your brood, here are some practical ways that you can improve your chances naturally.

Improve Your General Health

Your body goes through a lot of changes when you conceive and carry a child, so you need to make sure that it’s in peak condition before you start trying for a baby. Consider reducing your alcohol intake and cutting out the cigarettes if you smoke. Additionally, it would help if you tried to lose any excess weight and undertake a little gentle exercise every day to improve your general health and wellbeing.

Try Female Hormone Mapping To Understand The Fluctuations In Your Levels

The balance of your body’s hormones can have a significant effect on your fertility throughout the month. While you might know what the average level is at specific times during your menstrual cycle, you should consider using female hormone mapping to help you to understand your levels and how they change throughout the month. Use a clear tool such as Forth to understand how your hormone levels change and understand what is affecting them, so that you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Eat Foods With Lots Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants such as zinc, folic acid and others, can help to improve your chances of conceiving a baby. That’s because they block free radicals, which could cause a drop in hormone production. Also, antioxidants are usually found in natural, whole foods such as nuts, green vegetables and fruits. As such, eating more antioxidants can help you to further improve your general health.

Keep Trying And Visit Specialists If The Issue Continues

It’s easy to feel disheartened if you don’t conceive quickly, but you need to make sure that you keep having sex with your partner and doing everything in your power to improve your chances of having a baby naturally. Should you find that you still aren’t getting pregnant, then you might wonder how long you should continue trying before you visit a doctor. If you’re under 35 and have been trying to have a baby for more than a year, then you should visit your GP to see what’s going on. However, if you or your partner have any health issues that could be hindering your conception or genetic conditions, then you should visit your doctor before you even start trying to have a baby.

Conceiving a child can be challenging and take a lot of time, so be patient and use these tips to improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally. If you need to seek professional help, then remember that there is no shame in this. Do everything that you can and if you are still unable to conceive and carry a baby, then put your health first and talk to your partner about the alternatives available to you.

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