Spice up lockdown love with a Reconnection Challenge …. perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day 

Isolation, lockdowns, lack of socialisation have had a huge impact on our love life. Following my blog including 4 tips for lockdown love this Valentine’s Day, I now bring you a challenge to re-embrace intimacy and reconnect with your partner.

With the pressures of work, children and our changing bodies – it can be easy to get into an intimacy rut as a couple, which can prove hard to break out of, so I’ve found a 14-day reconnection challenge launched just in time for Valentines Day!

Kynect® formally known as KY Jelly, has devised a fun, and easy-to-follow plan to help couples remember the little things in their relationship, giving both partners the confidence to re-embrace intimacy.

It’s free to sign-up, and each day for 14 days you will receive an email with small, intimate moments for you and your partner to enjoy that day as a way of reconnecting. The intimacy tips will be provided by celebrity psychologist and relationship expert Jo Hemmings.

Alison Gates from Kynect® explains what the #TheKynectEffect is and how that can help lockdown lovers: “The small, everyday moments of intimacy help us stay in tune with our partner. Putting phones down, forgetting the long to do list and spending time together doing the little things help us connect better as a couple.” 

The scope of this campaign has been timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day, as this year it will be tougher and very different for couples due to lockdown pressures, increased worries, and the restrictions. The opportunity of being able to go out to search for that special thoughtful gift, or enjoy romantic moments over a meal at a much loved restaurant will be sadly missed. So the Reconnection Challenge is an alternative easy to do home activity that everybody can enjoy.

The 14 day reconnection challenge will be launched on Sunday 14th February, and details will be available at www.kynect.co.uk/the-kynect-effect

Kynect® was unveiled in December as the new contemporary identity and brand name for one of the UK’s leading lubricant brands KY Jelly®, with its iconic heritage dating back to 1904.

It is available in two sizes: 50ml and 75ml from major supermarkets, chemists and independent retailers, and also direct via Thornton & Ross https://shop.thorntonross.com/   

Visit their brand new social channels @KynectUK (Facebook and Instagram)

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