Six ways of making assisted living more affordable

As we live longer than before, one day we might need to explore options on how to support our elderly. Seniors who are preparing for an assisted living must make some vital decisions about how and where they live. Assisted living is required when the senior has been diagnosed with a terminal or progressive condition that prevents them from caring for themselves independently. Reviewing six ways of making assisted living more affordable helps seniors make better choices about where they want to live.

  1. Consider a Move Into a Senior Community

Considering a move into a senior community could help the seniors find a more affordable solution for assisted living. The communities offer units specifically for seniors who cannot live completely independently and need assistance. Moving into the community gives the senior a low-rate fee for the units that are based on their income. Most seniors are drawing Social Security and/or using funds from their retirement funds. Seniors who want to review senior communities can schedule a tour today.

  1. Downsize and Sell Your Home

Downsizing and selling their existing home eliminates the monthly mortgage payments and the utility cost for a larger space. Once their children are grown, seniors might make the decision to sell their larger home and buy something small. However, when a senior is diagnosed with a condition that could require assisted living, it is a better idea to sell their property while they are still lucid and can make their own decisions.

  1. Sell Your Car and Eliminate Insurance Premiums

Selling their car eliminates the costs of maintaining it and the cost of auto insurance premiums. Typically, senior living options provide transportation for seniors, and they don’t need a car. Once they have reached a level of progression where their doctor doesn’t feel the patient should continue driving, this could present an obstacle for their family. Selling the vehicle sooner gives the senior more control over their assets, and it doesn’t feel like they are being forced to sell it.

  1. Find a Community that Offers Meal Preparation Services

Finding a community that offers meal preparation services helps seniors avoid potential risks such as fires or personal injuries. Seniors who need assisted living might require additional making their meals. The services could provide seniors with any kind of food they want without facing personal hardships or feeling inadequate.

  1. Determine if the Utility Costs are Included in the Monthly Payments

Determining if the utility costs are included in the monthly payments defines whether or not the selection is affordable for the senior, too. Some communities add utilities into the total cost of the monthly living expense. This could save seniors hundreds of dollars each year.

  1. Determine if Cleaning Services are Provided With Residency

Determining if cleaning services are provided with residency helps the seniors keep their units cleaner and hazard-free. Cleaners will visit the units several times a week to complete vital cleaning tasks for the seniors. This includes housekeeping, trash removal, laundry, and changing out the senior’s linens. Reviewing all the cleaning services available to seniors helps them decide if the community is right for them.

Seniors seek assisted living arrangements after they have been diagnosed with progressive illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. A senior living community offers both assisted and independent living options. Once a senior moves into an independent living unit, they have the option to go into assisted living when they cannot take care of themselves independently. Reviewing their options for making assisted living more affordable gives the seniors and their families more choices.

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