ROYAL BABY: Save the Children reveals what not to buy for a baby shower

As the nation prepares to deluge the royal baby with gifts, here is a handy guide for those thinking of buying for Kate or other mums to be.

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Toys with irritating jingles top the list of most annoying gifts for new mums. Thinking of buying that cute baby grow? Think twice, most new mums already have more than enough, and as for baby shoes, newborns grow out of them way too quickly.

The dos and don’ts of buying for babies have emerged in a light-hearted survey of expectant mums carried out by charity Save the Children, as it launches its Build it for Babies appeal, aimed at building six brand new health clinics in Liberia.

Kate might be Royal but she will likely recognise some of the trials of pregnancy that regularly afflicted other mothers-to-be.

28% of mums found that their most annoying experience was a pat on the bump by a complete stranger. Not being given a seat on public transport probably didn’t make it onto Kate’s list of pregnancy peeves, but for one in six pregnant ladies this was a regular occurrence.

The good news is that almost all mums surveyed, 95%, lived less than 1 hour away from the hospital where they gave birth. In Liberia, it’s a different story, some women have to walk up to eight hours whilst in labour to get to their nearest clinic.

The Build it For Babies campaign is supported by TV midwife , Maud Hardy, from the hit series ‘One Born Every Minute’ who travelled to Liberia with Save the Children earlier this month.

She said “Whether you are in London or Liberia, new babies are a cause for celebration. But in Liberia, I saw for myself that giving birth safely really is a miracle. The best gift for these mums and babies is to donate to Save the Children’s brilliant Build it for Babies campaign, so that every new mum gets the chance to kiss and cuddle her healthy newborn baby.”

To donate to Save the Children’s Build it for Babies project, call 020 7012 6400, text CLINIC to 70008 to give £5 or go to

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