A group of 40 busy people who share a passion for yoga and healthy lifestyle choices stopped rushing through their hectic lives and took some time to enjoy this ancient form of relaxation with the beautiful Putney Bridge as a backdrop to their session. And despite the rain it was amazing and extremely rewarding! We loved it!

Attendees used the social media, in particular Twitter and Facebook, to gather at the Putney Wharf Square Saturday afternoon and follow a Vinyasa yoga flow session known to be a calming influence in the lives of those who practise it. Many people are turning to yoga as a way to increase flexible strength, calm the mind and build a spiritual house.

The yoga session was run by yoga teachers Jason and Alex from the Putney-based House of Yoga.

‘It was quite surreal to see people unrolling their yoga mats and getting involved in a busy urban environment. It was so great to practise with a view of the bridge and meet new people who are also up for doing something a bit different. Yoga may be centuries and centuries old but there are still fun new ways to approach it! I think House of Yoga are really engaging with their local community and offering something unusual’, commented Jasmine Joynson, one of the attendees to the flash mob.

‘It’s overwhelming to see how many people have turned up to our yoga flash mob. Whether you are strong or weak, tight or flexible, calm or stressed you may well be surprised by what Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga in particular can offer both on and beyond the mat’, commented Yoga teacher and co-founder of the House of Yoga Jason Pooley commented.

‘Hot Yoga is growing at an incredible rate globally and so it should be as thousands of people are seeing and feeling the healing benefits of this phenomenon mind body workout. It is the work inwards which creates the real transformation in ones life and this is where the fruits of yoga shines through.’

Benefits of Hot Power Yoga include weight loss – around 600 calories in a 90 minute Hot Power Yoga class, increase in flexible strength – this is why so many professional athletes are adding Hot Power Yoga into there demanding schedule. People feel a whole lot calmer in every day life but most importantly Hot Power Yoga cleanses the body from the inside out.

The House of Yoga who kindly run this spontaneous gathering is a new state of the art infrared hot studio is located in the centre of Putney, an environment where people can step out of the hectic pace of city life and step into a space for body and mind. For more information visit http://thehouseofyoga.co.uk/

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