Postnatal Depression And Me

In the past few days something amazing has happened to me, I shared my story.
I shared the story of my battle with postnatal depression on social media. I shared it on twitter and on Facebook.

postnatal depression

In just over 48 hours my story was read by over 240 people in 13 countries.

Sharing my story was a very daunting task. I knew that all my family, friends, school friends, work friends and many people that I didn’t even know would read about my extremely personal struggle, a struggle at the time I tried my hardest to hide even from my husband.

However I had a huge reason to share my story which outweighed my fear. I have started a support group for mothers still suffering and I needed to get them to listen. I needed them to understand they are not alone, they need help, they deserve help and if I had to share my story to get that message across then so be it.

My idea worked. In the last 48 hours I have been contacted by women from across the globe. Some old, some young, parents, grandparents and some still young free and single. All messages I have received have been positive, full of praise and also most importantly some have been asking for help.

I have been able to give these women a voice, I have had a women in her 50’s contact me saying she was so inspired by hearing my story she managed to pluck up the courage to share her story with her husband for the first time in over 30 years.

Why was I so scared to tell my story?

Here is the link to my story, read and you will understand why.

My story is by no way the most severe case of post natal depression, everyone has different symptoms everyone has different time frames of recovery. But everyone does get better.

The support group I run is for mothers and their families it is called ‘PND Support NW6’.
We provide a service for all women suffering post natal illness.

I am determined to provide a place for everyone, from the milder baby blues to the most severe postnatal psychosis.

I make sure there is no waiting list and every woman gets support straight away. I also believe strongly that families, husbands and partners need support also and we provide that service too.

For more information on ‘PND Support NW6’ please look up :our facebook and twitter pages.

Women with PND shouldn’t have to suffer alone and we want to make sure they have appropriate and obvious access to the care they deserve.

'Speak Up When You Are Down' share your story and you will find you are not alone

‘Speak Up When You Are Down’ share your story and you will find you are not alone

1 in 5 women will contract PND. Maybe if we all started to share our stories we all wouldn’t feel so alone. Contact me with your story and help me end the stigma of postnatal depression.

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