New Research Shows 91% of Pregnant Women Suffer at Bedtime

Bedtime nightmare? Does it sound familiar? A new campaign by Happy Beds, the UK’s fastest growing online bed and mattress store, has seen researchers spend the last two months researching sleeping whilst pregnant.

The pregnancy campaign looked at how many hours the average pregnant women gets per night, as well as what keeps them awake, how their partners support them, what positions they should be sleeping in and what common dreams are had during their journey.

Women should be making the most of getting a full night’s sleep before the new born baby arrives, although a massive 91% of women revealed that they suffer during the night, with the average amount of hours slept just 5.

Some of the common reasons that pregnant women struggle to stay awake include that they struggle to turn over, they experience sore hips, and they are kept awake by their partner’s snoring. Also, while morning sickness is commonly associated with morning nausea, 40% of women revealed that they suffer morning sickness at night.

The sleep expert at Happy Beds, Joy Richards, has said to London Mums:

“Trouble sleeping while pregnant is not uncommon. This is something that every new mum will go through before giving birth. Positions that they used to find their comfiest, are suddenly the most uncomfortable positions that they can lay in, and turning over can be a huge struggle”

As part of the campaign, Happy Beds looked at what sleeping positions were best while pregnant. The first trimester is often easiest as the bump is yet to show, whereas the last trimester is the biggest struggle.

In the last trimester, sleeping on the side is the best option. However, it has been proven that sleeping on your left side in particular will increase the amount of nutrients and blood that reach your baby.

Getting a pregnancy pillow is a great investment, as it will help you refrain from rolling onto your back. Sleeping on your back from the second trimester onwards will interfere with the blood flow.

There was also research into why vivid dreams are common during pregnancy. Joy at Happy Beds has said:

“You remember your dreams more when you wake up in the middle of them, and as pregnant ladies often wake up to use the bathroom or because of heartburn, they wake up bang in the middle of their dream which is why they’re so vivid. Common dreams include dreaming about water, getting trapped and dreaming about giving birth”

For more information on Happy Beds’ latest campaign, check out their website.


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