Mummy Are You Taking Good Care of Yourself?

When they run through the safety drill on the airplane they usually say – ‘In the event that there is a change in air pressure, when the oxygen mask light goes on put the mask on yourself first, then help others’. This way you will be stronger, breathing of course and more capable of helping others, especially those closest to you.

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This analogy can be applied to your daily life too, take care of yourself so you can take care of the ones you love in the best possible way.

Too often we forget self care and let ourselves get to the point where we are overwhelmed, stressed, tired, irritable, unfit and often neglecting the most important thing in the world – YOU.

With the busy lives we lead, taking care of yourself is more important than ever – yet it’s often the last thing on our to do lists. You probably know all to well the negative impact stress can have on our health.

Self Care Test – Answer Yes or No

1. If I need help in any area of my life, I ask for it.

2. I do something physical even if it’s just a walk around the block or a 15-minute workout, 3-4 times a week.

3. I eat healthfully & mindfully and don’t do other things like working or driving while I eat. I eat when I eat.

4. I think positively. I talk positively to myself first and foremost.

5. I’m learning to say no when I need or want to.

6. I remember to breathe. Take a few slow deep breaths now.

7. If I’m experiencing physical symptoms, I go to the appropriate health care professional. I don’t ignore them.

8. I know that sleep is important and I try to get enough sleep most nights, or rest during the day if I can.

9. I value my personal relationships and give them the time and energy they need and deserve.

10. I choose healthy ways to relieve stress like breathing, meditation, yoga, pilates, tai chi or whatever takes you away from stress and gives you time out. I spend time outdoors.

11. I recognize the importance of breaks during the day, as well as vacations.

12. I listen to and respect my feelings.

13. Have you smiled or laughed today – it is the best medicine!

If you answered no to several of these, don’t beat yourself up but do look at the impact your personal choices may be having on your health and how they may be causing you this extra stress.

The key to self care is keeping things balanced and ensuring you’re not too heavily weighted towards one thing more than another.

No one else can make you do this. It’s entirely up to you to take better care of yourself.

Put self care in your diary – if you don’t put things like exercise and time out you may never get round to doing them. So please do make the time and take good care of yourself.


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