Mother & Baby Yoga with Shiva Rea – Live Fit Live Happy with Gaiam!

Shiva Rea, yoga trainer and innovator is back with another Gaiam collaboration – Mother & Baby Yoga. London Mums are giving you the chance to preview what the DVD has in store with a free workout.

Mother & Baby Yoga is the next chapter in the trilogy of Shiva and Gaiam DVD’s. A woman’s body goes through major changes in childbirth and although bonding time with a new baby is important, so is looking after your body. The four routines, aimed at mothers with infants that are 3-6 months old, focus on the body parts that have changed during pregnancy and the easy to follow, gentle workouts enable new Mum’s to get back into shape at their own pace. The baby can even be incorporated in some of the routines providing calm bonding time.

The ten minute workout, available to download from (date) is a combination of gentle arm movements and breathing which help to bring about a mood of complete relaxation. You can even place the baby on your lap or in front of you and pass on your relaxed mood while bonding.

Mother & Baby Yoga follows on from the previous Shiva/Gaiam release Pre and Post-Natal Yoga. This double DVD contains routines that help expectant mothers to feel relaxed and comfortable during childbirth as well as exercises that enable the muscles stressed during childbirth to regain strength and flexibility.

The DVD, Shiva Rea’s Mother & Baby is available on the 30th April 2012 from for £12.99. Pre & Postnatal Yoga is available now from

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