Love coach: One third of Brits want more morning sex

Lockdown has been tough for all relationships. I have read various surveys about couples and singletons during the quarantine. The most interesting new research was recently released by sexual wellness brand LELO, the world’s leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products. The key results confirm that one third of Brits are looking to enjoy more morning sex, following their new found love for a lockdown lie in. Despite this increase in lockdown libido, just 9.5% are having morning sex. LELO’s Sex and Relationship expert Kate Moyle provides her top tips for making the most of morning sex and all the benefits of doing so. 

While it’s safe to say lockdown has been taxing on us all, for some people it has given way to new opportunities when it comes to sex and experimentation. Working from home has allowed many Brits to say goodbye to the dreaded morning commute, turn back their alarm clocks and spend some extra time in bed with a partner.

New research released by sexual wellness brand LELO has revealed that one third of Brits (31.2% – Survey by LELO on 23rd-29th April 2020 of 2000 UK adults aged 18 and over) have experienced an increased desire to use their new found leisurely lockdown lie-in to have more morning sex. Despite the increased desire to pop a leg over, just one in ten (9.5%) Brits are having morning sex.  

LELO sex and relationship expert, Kate Moyle, offers some insights into the best ways to make the most of morning glory and the benefits of during so. 


Kate comments: “For those who may have little people who aren’t familiar with the word ‘lie in’, but who are interested in morning sex, you might want to set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier; the focus shouldn’t be on the act of having sex or intercourse – more as an opportunity to start your day with some pleasure and contact which boosts mood. 

“For many people, morning sex is good as they have a clearer head – the day hasn’t got in the way and they aren’t holding onto ideas of everything that they haven’t done. This allows them to be more at the moment and to enjoy sex and be in their body more. A boost of oxytocin which is released from skin-on-skin contact, and during sex, can also help you to feel closer to your partner and put you in a good mood to start the day.

“Men have a testosterone spike in the morning, so this can encourage feeling turned on; but as we know that desire is also context-dependent, waking up feeling comfortable and refreshed, close to each other, warm and de-stressed is likely to play a part in you being responsive. As sharing a bed and sleeping next to someone is intimate and quite sensual, this can also provide an opportunity to easily melt from a sensual morning cuddle into something more sexual.” 

For those without a partner, this doesn’t mean that morning glory has to be an exclusively couples only event – in fact, LELO champions self-love before any other kind. Check out LELO’s full range of self-love devices at

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