London Mums launch a Love Coach column to support couples and help singletons gain vital relationship skills

Life is incomplete when our important relationships suffer or crumble because we don’t know how to fix unresolved issues. London Mums have now a love coach, who is to going help us tackle all couple dilemmas or teach single people skills that they can use when entering a new relationship. Love coach Thomas Westenholz,  founder of,  is a serial entrepreneur who has been featured in the Guardian, the Sun and other news outlets. He trained in somatic relationships and sexuality in San Fransisco and is the author of two books on relationship dynamics.

Thomas is also the founder and host of the Zensensa love podcast on Itunes.
London Mums’ Love Coach will host regular webinars and masterclasses across all London Mums media platforms. Before that, he needs your help to find out what your relationship issues are and how he can help you. 
Please fill in the short survey here and we will then invite you to the forthcoming FREE webinar called ‘Get a safe, loving & exciting relationship without conflicts’. 
While we gather all the important information, take a look at the amazing work of London Mums’ love coach Thomas and sign up to the first webinar here.
He is brilliant on teaching couples to discover how…
  • Tip 1: You CAN prevent infidelity and relationship breakdown.
  • Tip 2: You CAN have more freedom AND be a team.
  • Tip 3: You CAN banish boredom and rekindle the newly in-love excitement.
  • Tip 4: You CAN have HOT and CONNECTING sex.
  • Tip 5: You CAN substitute resentment and disconnect with lasting love.
His knowledge is based on his scientific studies not on flirting psychology so you can rest assured that he will find a solution for all your troubles based on a neurological analysis. 

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