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Every year it’s the same… Summer arrives and you realise it it too late to fix any weight loss, fitness ahead of the beach holiday. How do I fall into that again and again? I have therefore decided to get ready and review the latest health trackers and tech accessories by Nokia Health for the summer,  which I will keep using over the autumn and beyond to be ready for the next beach season: the Steel HR, the first activity tracker with heart rate monitoring to offer a long-lasting battery life of 25 days, and the Body+ scale. Both complement each other and will track my fitness while keeping on eye on my weight. I set as my primary goal weight loss as I am generally quite healthy. 

The Steel HR is an advanced activity tracker with heart rate monitoring with a classic watch style perfect for transitioning from the gym to the office, to a night out. What I love the most is its sleek device because I use use my fitness tracker all the time even when I am at events and I prefer it to be less visible. The Steel HR tracks continuous heart rates during workouts, average heart rate during the day, and overnight heart rate while sleeping. Heart rate, activity and sleep data automatically sync with the free Health MateTM  app, where the user can set goals, view trends and find expert coaching every step of the way. You simply need to download the Nokia HealthMate app – it’s a free app you’ll find in your app store and then you can connect the devices that way. It also works with iPhones. It is available in chrome and rose gold with changeable straps. RRP £169.95 


A great complementary product to health trackers are the Body+ scales which are the ideal weight loss companions. It is my new best friend for the next six to eight months. I am not going to reveal my weight loss goal but let’s say it is quite ambitious. I am not very good with weight loss as I love my food and I have never dieted before. What I love about the Body+ scales is that they give a weight reading of the highest accuracy as well as a full body composition. In this way I have found out that I have lots of muscles and not much fat although the weight seems a lot.

This is quite reassuring actually. These scales help you see your full body composition so you can pinpoint your efforts with a breakdown of fat, bone, muscle and water mass as well as weight. By setting your goals with the free Health MateTM  app, the Body+ trend screen shows the previous 8 weight-ins so that you can see the bigger picture so as not to be discouraged by one bad day. Not only can you track your own efforts, but that of your whole family too – up to 8 users can be recognised automatically, each having their own data saved to their Health Mate profile. Everybody will be on check with this device. And it’s fun and simple to use!! RRP From £89.95 

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