It only takes a minute, mum … to fall in love with yourself

It only takes a minute, mum … to fall in love with yourself. As January unfurls, the well-known the winter blues cast their shadow, prompting a collective return to routines and a quest to overcome post-holiday melancholy. London Mums have embarked on a mission to highlight the importance of self-care and personal time, offering a pathway to tranquillity, happiness, and enhanced mental well-being. Discover valuable insights to alleviate the alleviate the mental load in 2024.

Monica Costa having a beauty treatment facial

Mothers, often entangled in prioritising others over themselves, succumb to daily chores, leaving precious me-time aside. The mental load, an ever-growing to-do list, and the intricate dance of responsibilities can breed anxiety and frustration. Make a conscious choice to incorporate self-care and personal time into the fabric of your life. Evaluate your schedule holistically, carve out moments where you take centre stage, and consistently pencil in these moments.

Recognising the challenges of recent years, London Mums acknowledge that self-care is now more crucial than ever to alleviate the burdens of the mental load. 

Here are our guiding principles for stepping into the new year with a positive mental attitude.


A few years ago after feeling down during the winter months, I went to the Ham Yard Hotel Spa, renowned as one of London’s finest, and indulged in a revitalising facial treatment. I returned yesterday, courtesy of femme heath, to relax and enjoy a rejuvenating escape even for just one hour, leaving refreshed and radiant. Not only my face was cleansed and massaged but I also received a neck and head massage which gave me lots of energy.

Be Present

It’s worth reiterating that when I disconnect from my phone or relocate it to another room, I feel more relaxed. Confession time: I, too, am addicted to my smartphone  juggling work emails, sifting through countless WhatsApp messages, and indulging in films and series. It’s a challenge, but for authentic me-time and self-care, immerse yourself in the moment and shut out external noise. Let emails and messages wait; activate aeroplane mode and genuinely detach from the screen. Focusing on yourself can refresh you, lighten the mental load, and foster an appreciation for the present moment.

Heal Yourself with Journaling

The health benefits of maintaining a daily journal are well-established. Jotting down spontaneous thoughts has a profound impact on our lives. Power down your phone and transfer your thoughts onto paper to free them from your mind. Journaling proves instrumental in promoting restful sleep. Check out my blog on how this simple habit has has transformed my life.

Prioritise Beauty Sleep

Sleep, a vital component often underestimated. The brevity of winter days can elongate the feeling of tiredness. Adequate sleep not only facilitates bodily repair but also supports your immune system and stress management. My decades-long quest to enhance  sleep quality involved various remedies, from acupuncture and luxury mattresses to natural and medical sleeping aids, yoga, meditation, and more. Read my blog on becoming a sleeping beauty for insights.

Create a Healing Home

Home is a sanctuary where comfort and joy should reign supreme. A tidy home induces relaxation, allowing you to focus on yourself. Consider hiring a cleaner or dedicating a day to cleaning to eliminate anxiety, procrastination, and mental clutter. Transform daily chores into sources of benefit rather than dread and witness a positive shift in your mental state.

Schedule Me-time in advance

Mums often grapple with guilt when reserving time for themselves, neglecting the pivotal role it plays in mental well-being. Pre-emptively scheduling me-time proves as beneficial as routine doctor’s appointments. Booking in advance ensures it integrates seamlessly into your schedule, making it less likely to be cancelled as it’s already committed.

In a mere minute, mums can fall in love with themselves, kickstart a journey of self-love, paving the way to a brighter, more empowered winter.

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