How to help if your child has dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin

As a parent, we are programmed to protect our children. When it comes to their skin, why should this be any different? We will always encourage them to be confident and love the skin they’re in, but sometimes this can be easier said than done. If your child is prone to dry and itchy skin, there’s nothing worse than seeing them in pain or discomfort.

Did you know that our children’s skin is thinner and more delicate than ours?

The natural barrier layer on children’s sensitive skin can be easily damaged, which causes faster moisture loss, resulting in dry, itchy skin. And this is a common problem. According to The British Skin Foundation one in every five children in the UK is affected by eczema at some point.

We all know that keeping our child’s skin moisturised is key to keeping it healthy and preventing a flare up. It’s often a case of trial and error until we find the right moisturising cream that suits our child’s skin; while all the time praying that, when it comes to bed time, they won’t get distressed when we have to slather them in the sometimes cold, sometimes greasy and often gloopy liquid before they can settle down for the night.

What if we told you that you could ditch the creams?

While there’s currently no single treatment that can fully ease dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin. There is an innovative new range of products now available so you could drop, or at least reduce the frequency of applying creams.

HappySkin®’s pure white, super-soft and lightweight base layers, with their cute kiss curl detailing, are created to be kind to children’s delicate skin and offer more benefits than regular clothing. 

Clever Clothing

HappySkin® base layer clothing can actually be used to relieve the scratching and itching symptoms of children’s dry, irritated skin, even in cases of mild-to-moderate eczema.

The ‘magic’ ingredient, which makes this range so special is called DreamSkin® Polymer Technology.

The DreamSkin® Polymer is a medical device that has been available on prescription on the NHS for the last decade to treat moderate to severe eczema and atopic dermatitis. This polymer is infused into the surface of the fabric to support the water and temperature regulation functions of the skin.

With HappySkin® this technology is now available to us all!  Interestingly, the DreamSkin® Polymer was inspired by the technology used to keep contact lenses hydrated. It was re-engineered to produce a similar effect when applied to fabric. It works by correcting the flow of moisture and regulating the temperature of the skin reducing irritation caused by dry, sensitive and even eczema-prone skin.

Sapphira Kwame, who tried HappySkin because her daughter was getting irritated, especially during the night, by her dry skin said: “My daughter‘s skin has seen a real improvement since wearing the HappySkin bodysuit and sleepsuit. The softness of the material means that she is itching her skin less at night as it’s less irritable in comparison to other fabrics, and this has given it time to heal. The products are really well made and are of a high quality and remain so even after a few washes, which was pleasing to see. I’m definitely going to buy more from the range!”

Soothe, Protect and Repair

Made from premium fabric, which is silky to the touch as well as breathable, all products also contain off-set, flat seams, which allows them to provide a snug and comfortable fit to the skin. This lightweight collection of leggings, tops, bodysuits, sleepsuits and PJs for children aged 0-10 years are designed to be worn next to the skin and also act as a barrier against skin irritants often found in washing detergents, which can lead to further irritation.

Don’t let your child’s sensitive, irritated skin get in the way of their everyday adventures, if your child suffers from dry or sensitive skin, it’s time to dress them in HappySkin®.


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