How to get back on track after the holidays

Great tips kindly provided by exercise expert ICON Health and Fitness, which can be found on Twitter @iFitLiveUK.

Family, friends, shopping, parties, endless eating, travel time, etc. All of that may have made it difficult to squeeze your workout in this weekend. The holidays tend to overtake our normal routines. You may even feel a little stressed about stepping on the scale in fear that you gained a few pounds—don’t be, I am sure the damage is not as bad as you think it is. Just do what you have to in order to get back on track, TODAY!

It is a funny mental battle to get back into your normal routine after a holiday weekend. Don’t let one weekend wreck your health and fitness goals though! Here are a few tips to get back on track!

1- Ditch the Guilt! Ditch it as fast as you can! You may have eaten a little less healthy than you normally would, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t beat yourself up because you missed your workouts for a few days. Feeling guilty about overindulging is wasted energy and can strain your motivation when all you are thinking about is negative things. Use your mind and think positive thoughts that will help motivate you to get back on track and give you a burst of energy to lace up your running shoes again.

2- Dispose of empty calorie sources: Every office and home is filled with lots of goodies that have been delivered in lieu of the holidays. Anywhere you go you are surrounded by empty calories filled with fat and sugar. Enjoy a small bit of it and then throw it away or give it to someone else. I know, this may seem wasteful, but you’d rather not have it on your hips, right?

3- Don’t get caught in this slump: It is strange how just a few days off track can wreak havoc on your healthy lifestyle! Don’t get caught in a slump. Pull yourself out of this over-eating, sedentary slump and get moving.

4- Do your favorite workout and eat one healthy meal: As easy as it is to get off track, it is just as easy to get back ON track! Cook up your favorite HEALTHY meal, slip into your favorite gym outfit and do your favorite workout! That is all it takes. The first workout will be the hardest, but once you’ve jumped that hurdle you will be craving to work up another sweat as soon as possible.

What helps you get back on track after a holiday weekend?

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