How essential oils can help us overcome health issues caused by the pandemic

Can essential oils help us overcome our health issues caused by the pandemic this last year? Read this blog to find out.

During the past 20 long months, our lives have been literally turned upside-down and we have seen so many changes in our day to day routines. Unfortunately, it seems that our health and wellbeing appears to have been impacted the most, with people having issues around sleep, stress and exercise.


Research by Puressentiel shows that: Alarmingly, two thirds of those polled (62%) reported higher stress levels, with just over half (55%) confirming a change in sleep patterns, and a third (34%) saying they’d reduced their exercise time.

Since the pandemic started, many people seem to have broken their sleep routine and have noticed an increase in change in their sleep pattern., causing sleep deficit. A large number of people seem to have chosen medical treatment to help with insomnia and sleep issues without looking at alternatives, such as less screen time and not drinking coffee before going to bed and looking into natural remedies such as essential oils.

Stress, anxiety and depression have been factors that have changed many of our lives and that have affected our mental health. Not many of us can happily say that this last year has not affected us in a way or another, unfortunately. Continuos uncertainly has been dooming on most f us and its paramount for us to try and deal with our health issues as much as we can, firstly trying to accept that we have a mental health issue and secondly by trying to help ourselves the best we can by finding solutions and coping mechanisms to support us. research has shown that: ‘Natural health hacks to soothe stress levels With 72% of those surveyed believing their mood and stress levels improved when they went for a walk, Professor Cooper advises maximising these benefits by seeking out green spaces. He says, “Research for the charity Mind found that 71% of people with depression reported a green walk improved their mood and reduced tension, and 90% said it lifted their self-esteem.”

Exercise has always been an important factor in our lives and since last year, this has been one of the many outlets for us to help us not only physically, but also mentally as for example, being able to run in green parks or around cities as well as countries, the impact of exercising outdoors is very positive for out mental health. Taking that daily break is what often is needed to clear our minds and as a stress relief.  Unfortunately for those of us that have been working from home  this last year it appears that it has been more difficult to exercises as we seem not only to work longer hours, but also to have developed some health issues due to posture as we don’t have the correct work chairs and desks which bring us to having postural problems which in the long run may mean implications to our health and wellbeing.

Exercising, such as running and walking is healthy for the mind and body but sometimes the latter can be also aided by using the healing power of nature and essential oils that can help us heal and relax.

Throughout the pandemic, our London Mums’ team have been testing Puressentiel products to help sort everyday health issues with natural solutions. These include the Muscles & Joints Pure Heat Roller, the Muscles & Joints Pure Heat Gel as well as the new Muscles & Joints Cryo Pure Spray & Gel.

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