Hobbies to try as a couple in 2021

Sharing hobbies can be a great way to communicate, create a stronger, intimate connection, and sustain a fun and interesting relationship. While we don’t need to share every one of our interests with our partners, it’s nice to have some things we enjoy doing together. Finding hobbies as a couple can be an exciting way of widening our horizons to take advantage of sharing our interest. It enriches the fun in the relationship and makes it stronger.

Photo by Silvio Barbosa from Pexels

Getting into Nature

If you want to spend more time together and want to spend more time outdoors, cycling is a great way to do both. At Cycling Solutions, you can pick up mountain bikes for men and women, as well as everything else you might need. All that you need to do after that is to find the best cycling routes for your skill level and hit the trail.

Hiking is another excellent way to spend time outside as a couple and enjoy the scenery at a more sedate pace than you might if you were going by on a bicycle. Don’t forget to take a camera when you’re out in the natural world, and you never know what incredible scenery you might discover!


Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you often go unnoticed as you watch your partner dance around the kitchen as they prepare a meal for you both? Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking classes for an occasion that’s coming up.

Dancing is a fantastic hobby for couples, especially if it is ballroom or Latin style dances, as it is full of fun and laughs, even if you awkwardly step on each other’s toes a few times and have no real coordination. It’s a chance to chill out, let go, and get some exercise as well. You never know; you might find yourself getting into it.

It’s certainly my favourite couple activity! 


Perhaps you love getting creative in the kitchen, or you can barely identify a whisk from a spatula; baking is a fun activity for any couple to get involved in. If you’ve got a family, you can also get them involved in the baking process as well, and you just have to accept that your kitchen will look a scene of devastation if the kids get hold of the flour, but isn’t making a mess half the fun?

The other bonus to baking as a hobby is that you have a sweet treat to share once you’ve finished decorating it – if whatever you’ve baked lasts that long!


If you both have hobbies that you already enjoy, or you want to share your journey as you discover what you like doing as a couple, blogging is an excellent option to do that. You can start a blog site for free and update as little or as often as you want, sharing your stories and pictures as you progress. You never know, you might just inspire someone else to start trying your hobby as well!

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