Family skiing

With so much talk about sport during London 2012, skiing is also high in the agenda for most families. Many parents are keen to hit the slopes with their children, but don’t know quite what to expect… and struggle to identify where to start looking for the right option for their family’s particular needs.

The right choice for your family will be dictated by a few key factors. These are:

• The age of your children

• The skiing ability of both children and adults

• The size of your family or group

• What kind of services help you relax on holiday

• Your holiday budget

Ski Famille has been established for over 20 years, and the sole aim of their small team is to strip out hassle and maximize fun and relaxation. All of Ski Famille’s properties have been picked because they offer fabulous service and superb value in great locations.

Ski Famille offers three different types of accommodation. We’ve detailed below a couple of different groups we feel they work well for. Everyone is different though, so do contact the Ski Famille team to discuss what will be best for you and your children.

Catered chalets with free childcare

Perfect for families with children too young to ski or without the stamina to ski all day.

Ski Famille nannies will amuse, entertain and tire out children while you make the most of the your time on the mountain.

In the evening you’ll be treated to home cooked meals, carefully selected wines and, in most chalets, have the opportunity to chill out in the hot-tub. Chalets also work well if you have a group of families who want a whole property to themselves.

Self-catering apartments

A lower cost option for independently minded families. You’ll need to cook for yourselves (or have fun trying out local restaurants) and there is no childcare on hand. However, high quality self-catering apartments are a great option if children already have their ski legs and you prefer doing your own thing.

Luxury 4* & 5* hotels

Some of us like an extra bit of pampering and all Ski Famille’s hotels have spa facilities, great restaurants and luxurious modern décor.

Alpine hotels are not a budget option, but if you want complete relaxation a good quality hotel is hard to beat. Ski Famille’s hotel in Austria, the Tirolerhof, has the added bonus of free childcare thought the week.

To find out more visit or call 0845 64 437 64.


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