As I’m about to get a dental implant, I’ve sharing here my research on the topic. Dental implants help in restoring a natural perfect smile. A dental implant is surgically placed in the jawbone, it replaces the natural tooth root, and a prosthetic is placed over the implant that restores the natural aesthetic. Expert dental surgeons carefully evaluate all the factors to avoid complications, in case of infection pain and swelling after implant placement emergency dentist in London is available to treat these problems.

The durability and stability of the implant depend upon bone health, oral hygiene, implant placement technique, size and material of the implant. Implants give a natural appearance due to the finishing gum line as it erupts from gum like a natural tooth.

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Implant Options Available for Achieving a Perfect Smile

Zirconia Implant

Zirconia implant is a tooth colour implant material that seamlessly blends with restorative prosthetics and gives a natural appearance, it is a stable, durable and biocompatible material and avoids bacterial infection by resisting bacterial attachment to the implant surface and provides long-term results.

Ceramic Implant

A Ceramic implant is also the best option for front teeth due to its remarkable aesthetics, durability and biocompatibility. A ceramic implant has a high strength to bear high chewing forces as natural posterior teeth.

Traditional Implant

Traditional implants are commonly used due to their strength and durability by emergency dentist London. In traditional implant placement, a metallic implant post is surgically placed inside the jawbone, for crown, bridge and denture support.

Mini Implant

Mini implants are smaller in size as compared to traditional implant sizes, they are specially designed to support the crown, bridge and dentures in the resorbed jawbone, having less density. it also provides stability in removable dentures with narrow jawbones.

All-on-4 Implants

All-on-4 implants are used in complete teeth loss patients, in this implant type, 4 implants are strategically placed in a single jaw arch with accurate distance and angulation that support a full set of prosthesis or dentures.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Selecting the Ideal Implant for a Perfect Smile?

Different types of implants are available, that permanently replace missing teeth. Before implant material selection some factors should be considered:

Aesthetics Appearance

Implant shape, size and colour play an important role in restoring a natural smile so it can seamlessly blend with natural teeth. Zirconia and ceramic implants provide a remarkable aesthetic appearance.

Implant Material

Implants are made up of different materials such as titanium, ceramic and zirconium. Implant material should be biocompatible and integrated into the jawbone without allergy and infection.


Stability is an important factor for successful implant treatment, after surgical placement of the implant inside the jawbone, the implant is attached to the surrounding bone with the help of osteointegration, which provides stability against the functional force of the oral cavity.


With proper oral hygiene maintenance and regular dental visits, the lifespan of the implant is 20 to 30 years. Implant material with high Wear and corrosion-resistant, improved fracture strength can provide long-term reliable results such as high-quality zirconia, ceramic and titanium implants.

Bone Health

Healthy bone is important for successful implant placement. Before implant placement expert implantologist or oral surgeon carefully evaluates the bone health with the help of radiographs. In resorbed bone conditions bone augmentation or bone grafting surgery is performed before the implant placement.

Patient Dental Needs and Preferences

The selection of implant type also depends upon patients’ dental needs and preferences. Traditional titanium implants are used for crown and bridge support, and all-on-4 implants are used in complete teeth loss conditions. Similarly, mini implants are used in resorbed jaws. Some patients prefer zirconia and ceramic implants due to their high quantity and natural tooth aesthetic.

Dental Surgeon Expertise

Dental surgeon experience and expertise also help in selecting the correct implant to restore a perfect smile. Dental surgeons specialise in implant placement surgery so it’s important to select an implant after a dental specialist’s recommendation.


Cost plays an important role in implant selection, the ideal implant should be budget-friendly, durable and biocompatible like a titanium implant is a cost-effective and high-quality implant.

Risks or Complications Associated with an Implant Placement for a Perfect Smile

Implant placement is completely safe. it successfully restores a natural perfect smile with good oral hygiene maintenance, practising a healthy lifestyle and maintaining regular dental visits, but some risks are associated with negligence such as:


Infection around the implant is a common problem after implant surgery, due to not adhere the dentist’s instructions during the healing phase such as taking a soft diet and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Bone Loss Around an Implant

Bone support is important for the durability of the implant. Infection around the implant can result in bone loss. Expert dental specialists regularly monitor infections around the implant with the help of radiographs and treat them to avoid bone resorption around the implant.

Soft Tissue Complications

Improper implant placement technique can damage gums and soft tissue and can cause pain, swelling and infection in gums and surrounding soft tissue. Expert oral surgeons carefully performed implant surgery to avoid soft tissue damage.

Implant Failure

Although, the ratio of implant failure is very low, in some conditions such as system conditions, like diabetes and other bone abnormalities, increased tobacco and alcohol consumption can delay implant healing and failure in osteointegration. Expert implant surgeon carefully evaluates all the conditions before implant placement and properly guide patients to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle to avoid implant failure.

Anatomical Structure Damage

Due to improper evaluation, the anatomical structure near the jawbone can be damaged such as the maxillary sinus if the implant is placed in the posterior upper jaw and dental nerves around implant placement in the lower jaw implant. Careful evaluation of bone density, surrounding landmarks and correct selection of implant length and diameter can reduce the risk of damaging surrounding tissues and avoid complications.

Implant Component Fracture

An implant consists of three parts, the post of the implant is placed inside the jawbone which supports restorative prosthetics and gives a natural appearance. Abutment helps in the attachment of implants with prosthetics. Low quality of implant can cause detachment of prosthetic or abutment with an implant.


Dental implants are the aesthetical, durable and stable solution for restoring a perfect smile. The durability of an implant is dependent upon implant material, dentist expertise, patient bone health and maintenance of good oral hygiene. Zirconia, ceramic and titanium are biocompatible and durable implant options that are commonly used in restoring a permanent perfect smile.

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