FIRST AID: Everyday items you can use for first aid

You know what it’s like, your little one bangs their knee and it’s mass pandemonium all round. After cleaning up their bump, it’s a mad dash to find a Batman plaster in all the chaos. You stomp on a renegade piece of Lego in all chaos of finding your first aid kit and end up injured yourself in the process. But did you know you can use a number of everyday household items to treat injuries if you don’t have a first aid kit to hand? 


Beer – you may not always have access to cold running water when treating a burn or scald. In this case, use some other cold liquid like a cold beer, soft drink or milk. The aim is to cool the burnt area as quickly as possible – remember the area should be cooled for at least ten minutes.

Cling film – can be used to cover a burn or a scald once it has been cooled. It is an ideal covering as it does not stick to the burn. It also keeps the burnt area clean and because it’s clear, you can continue to monitor the burn without removing the covering.

Credit card – when an insect sting is visible on the skin, a credit card can be used to scrape it away. Using the edge of the credit card, drag it across the skin. This will remove the sting.

Frozen peas – frozen peas or other small frozen fruit and vegetables can be used to treat a sprain or a strain. Wrap the peas in a tea towel or something similar and place them onto the injury. This will help to reduce the pain and swelling.

Tea towel (or item of clothing) – if someone is bleeding heavily from a wound apply pressure with a tea towel (clothing) to stop or slow down the flow of blood.


FREE FIRST AID RESOURCES – Remember if you don’t have a first aid manual you can download the British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid App so you’ll only ever be a few clicks away from knowing what to do in an emergency.


The Red Cross also have First Aid for Baby and Child courses scheduled at over 50 venues across the UK.








Alternatively, the Skills Training Group offers  low-cost FAIB Accredited first aid courses delivered at the workplace or at their first aid training venues. These first aid courses are suitable for those looking to be a qualified first aider and include first aid at work courses, paediatric first aid courses, on-site first aid training & online first aid training.

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