Creating the perfect pamper session

After a week or a month of stress and fast paced living, there is nothing we need more than a good pamper session to calm us down. Now and again it is important to take care of your body and soul, and taking the time to pamper yourself can do more than just give you a glowing complexion. 

Today we want to take a look at some of the essential elements of every perfect pamper session and hopefully give you some helpful inspiration for this weekend. Put yourself first this weekend and enjoy relaxing few hours taking care of yourself. 

Light Some Candles

The key to creating a great pamper session for yourself is creating the most relaxing vibe you can throughout the bathroom and the rest of the house. Lighting candles is a great way to instil a sense of relaxation throughout the home, and scented candles can be a bonus and bring warming spices or sweet scents throughout the home. Consider lighting some tea-lights in the bathroom and a big jar candle in the living room to set the mood for your evening. 


Use essential oils 

Essential oils have so many amazing uses for the body. For example lavender oil is incredibly useful for relaxing the mind, tea tree oil can cleanse and purify the skin, and CBD oil can relieve aches and pains. If you have piercings, a soft oil such as almond oil can be used to hydrate the skin around it and keep it looking soft and supple. Choosing a couple of different essential oils to add into your pamper session is a great way to naturally help your body and also make you feel amazing and refreshed. You can think about your current needs such as stress relief or detoxing, and fund the essential oils that will bring this to your life. You can add essential oils to your bath, use incense, or use an oil and wax burner. 


Burn Incense

Incense is something you might only associate with hippies and boho girls – but this amazing fragrance can be a great way to bring an air of relaxation to your home for your pamper session. There are many different kinds of incense that contain essential oils or spices that will stimulate the brain and relax you, making for the best possible atmosphere for your pamper session. You can find incense online or in many health stores and explore some fun fragrances for your pamper session. 


Try some hair removal 

Hair removal creams are such a great way to remove your body hair without suffering from razor burn or redness from waxing. If you have been letting your hair grow out for the winter, now is a great time to invest in Minneapolis laser hair removal procedures which is a permanent hair loss solution. If you’re unhappy with tweezing, waxing or any other method of hair removal, then laser hair removal may be just what you need.


Massage your Roots

Massaging your roots is such an important thing to do if you want to grow long and thick hair. If you have never heard of the inversion method, this is something you should find out more about as it helps you to grow your hair long and thick within a short space of time. Massaging the roots of your with oil will not only help to moisturise the follicles, but it will stimulate blood flow and this is what promotes growth. By giving yourself a 5 minute hair massage before washing your hair, you’ll feel cleaner and more refreshed and your hair will be ready to grow. 


Give your hair some TLC

Speaking of your hair, pampering it is such an important part of your pamper routine. While in the bath, apply a hair mask to your hair and clip it up out of the way. As you soak, the pores in your hair will open up and the moisture will be able to get into your hair and make it silky and soft. Once you are done in the bath, wash your hair under the shower with shampoo and conditioner. When applying conditioner only ever apply from the mid section down. Rinse out and then apply a serum and let your hair dry in the air. 


Use a body oil 

Body oil is a great idea to apply to the skin when you get out of the bath. Once you are out of the bath your skin will be hot and your pores will be open, and this is the ideal time to apply moisturiser that will penetrate the skin and make it softer and more youthful. Massage your body oil in and if you have any scars on your body, you can use an oil such as bio oil which will help to heal the skin and eventually reduce your scar. 


Paint Your Nails

Finally, once you are sat on the sofa with your favourite movie on the tv it is time for you to paint your nails. Giving yourself a manicure is always a great way to end the perfect pamper session and you can make your fingers and toes look feminine, fabulous, and make yourself feel totally put together.

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