How to choose a fertility clinic


This blog will help identify the right fertility clinic for you. Going through IVF can be a very stressful experience. Therefore it is crucial to choose a facility that offers premium treatment, both in terms of the technologies and techniques they have to offer and their success rates.


Top clinics (such as GENNET City Fertility in London) offer a full range of assisted fertility and assisted conception assessments, Egg Freezing, treatment using donor sperm or partners sperm, along with specific treatment for recurrent implantation failure, IVF failure and recurrent miscarriages.


The primary requirement for a successful treatment is a good clinical assessment and laboratory quality. City Fertility has a state of the art lab, well equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, which include facilities to perform ICSI, embryo biopsy for PGD and PGS, along with egg and embryo freezing and storage.


In a good clinical assessment, it is mandatory to understand why fertility is delayed in that particular couple, this helps. This assessment involves assessment of sperm quality, assessment of ovarian reserve and assessment of uterus and fallopian tubes. Once a decision is made regarding the type of treatment, whether IUI or IVF, with partner sperm or donor sperm, the doctors need to keep an eye on the response of the patient very closely to fine tune for optimal results.


Top quality facilities usually offer a free introduction to the clinic which is highly recommended as you’ll get the chance to meet the staff and look at the clinical equipment of the clinic. The IVF journey is never easy but if you choose your clinic wisely you’ll most likely have a less stressful experience with a higher chance of a positive outcome.



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