Blitz your body for your summer holiday with the help of Fitness Expert Dax Moy

Beautiful beach bodies will be turning heads everywhere this summer, thanks to Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Dax Moy who is on a mission to share his expert knowledge in advance of holiday season.

Dax says: “Baring all on holiday is often a terrifying prospect. If you feel self-conscious about your hips, thighs, stomach or indeed anywhere else that you’re going to have to bare, then it’s likely your holiday will be spent being mildly paranoid and trying to cover your wobbly bits! So why, once we’re on holiday do we spend endless hours lying on our fronts, backs and sides to top up our tans, but rarely, if ever, spend any of their time on our feet or moving around? I want to share my strategies to help shed those excess pounds before hitting the beach, give advice on ways to stay active whilst on holiday and help to get your pre-holiday shape back after an indulgent break.”

Dax’s tips will give you bikini confidence and will teach you how to stay in tip-top shape before, during and after a summer holiday. Here’s how it’s done…


There are plenty of things you can do before you go on holiday to get a beach-worthy body.

Food: Firstly, you need to clean up your diet and ban all processed food. Fruit, vegetables and meat, are allowed, just as long as they aren’t preserved in any way. Changing your diet in this way, even without restricting your calorie intake, will definitely change your appearance. “

15 minute conditioning programme: Simply alternate the two days below between now and your holiday. You may be thinking that this approach sounds too simple to yield any significant results but you’d be wrong. In fact, simplicity is the main reason that this approach works. And it really does work! Give the programme a fair try – dedicate 15 minutes a day to these exercises and I guarantee you’ll be in far better shape for your holiday than you are right now.

Day One: Warm up with some brisk walking, stair climbing or skipping for about 3 min. Perform the following circuit for 30 seconds of each exercise with 30 seconds rest:

* Squats * Shoulder Presses *Abdominal Curls * Lunges * Push-ups (toes or knees) * Dumbell Rows *

Day Two: This is your CV day. Choose any two or three activities from the list below and perform 3 minute ‘bursts’ of high effort. You should rest for a minute or two in between and then move onto the next activity:

* Power Walking * Running * Sprinting * Stair Climbing * Cycling * Skipping * Martial arts punch and kick combinations * Rowing *


Your summer holiday is the perfect time to get more active. With the stress of work removed from the picture and plenty of free time on your hands you could be making a HUGE impact on your health, fitness and waistline if you only make a little effort. It’ll make your holiday more memorable too.

· Swimming: A fantastic whole body workout with strength, flexibility and cardiovascular benefits. Swimming burns around 9.5kcal per minute for the average 9 stone woman (more if you weigh more), meaning that 10 min of comfortable paced breast stroke will burn nearly a hundred calories. Want to burn more? Go faster or stay in the water for longer!

· Cycling: There’s no better way to see a bit more of the area you’re staying in than to get on two wheels and go for a spin. Cycling allows you to cover large areas in a short time and get a great workout for your heart, lungs and legs. It burns anything from 5-12kcal per minute depending upon how hard you go.

· Scuba: Fancy something a little more adventurous? Not only will the experience be fantastic, but you’ll also be burning 12kcal a minute or more while you’re down there!

· Snorkeling: If the deep’s not your thing, you can still enjoy what nature has to offer underwater by snorkelling your way around the shallows – you’ll be burning off over 6kcal a minute!


Two weeks of lying still on a sun-bed while consuming countless ice-creams, cocktails and beer can really wreak havoc with your figure. If you’re not careful, the blubber you’ve gained can become a permanent feature of your physique. My programme for getting your pre-holiday body back is divided into 3 simple rules that, if followed individually, will produce great results.

Rule One: Follow my Elimination Diet for a minimum of 14 days. Following an indulgent holiday it’s crucial that we treat our body to foods that support the metabolism and immune system and avoid those things that tax and weaken them. For 14 days I want you to avoid alcohol, wheat and gluten products and processed food.

Rule Two: Drink a litre of water for every 50 pounds you weigh. Water is a critical component of achieving great health and the firm, toned and strong body that goes with it. Maintaining optimal hydration has a positive impact on everything from metabolism and fat retention, to immunity and general health.

Rule Three: Perform strength exercises 5 days a week: Your muscles determine your body shape, consume most of the calories you eat, and make it possible for you to move and do the things you want to in life. After your holiday you must exercise daily with strength exercises that challenge your muscular system. These will improve your strength and function and your shape, and will burn more fat than any CV ever would. You can do almost any exercise as long as they follow these basic rules:

1. They MUST be done with bodyweight or free weights (Barbells or dumbbells).

2. Each exercise should use as many of the 600 muscles in your body at one time as possible. For example, squats, lunges, jumps, pushups, pull-ups, deadlifts, and shoulder presses.

3. Use a heavy load. Choose a weight that you could only lift for a maximum of 8 times.

THE AUTHOR: Dax Moy Personal Training Studios, 21 St Albans Place, London, N1 0NX Telephone: 0207 354 3550 and

The Dax Moy Personal Training Studios focus on: Safe, rapid and lasting fat loss AND Corrective exercise (rehabilitation). Dax Moy does not follow the ‘WAP’ (wallet and pulse) school of thought when taking on clients. He selects his clients, they don’t select him. Dax does not take on clients who want to make a change. He only takes on people who feel they need to make a change and are 100% committed to making the change happen.

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