Are You fed up with using Calpol? Homeopathic remedies offer a non-toxic alternative! by Liselotte Rolander

Great article from our archive on homeopathic remedies as a non-toxic alternative!

Hi, I’m Liselotte Rolander and I’ve been a registered homeopath for the past 10 years. My decision to study homeopathy started 15 years ago after my first visit to a homeopath. I had had antibiotics for bronchitis 5 times in a year and things were not getting any better. I was prescribed some remedies , started feeling better almost immediately and have never had bronchitis since! I was so impressed by my improvement both physically and emotionally that the following year I started studying and have never looked back since.

I hope I provide people with a CHOICE, that mums (and dads!) can learn about homeopathy and how they can use the homeopathic remedies instead of –or together with- conventional medicine. I’d like to educate people so that they can self prescribe and then come for consultations if ailments re- occur.

Homeopathy is based on the philosophy of elimination, to rid the body of whatever toxidity- (including negative mental and emotional feelings)- that may create an imbalance in the person. The remedies stimulate the body to heal itself without harmful drugs and can strengthen the person to prevent further problems in their weak area.

Remedies can be used both as a short term solution to an ‘acute’ situation like a cold or injury or as long term constitutional treatment where chronic complaints like insomnia, IBS or depression can be improved. Acute prescribing is fairly easy to learn and everybody can do this with help of a good book whereas constitutional treatment needs the professional experience of a trained homeopath.

I hope I’ll be able to teach people to use homeopathic remedies in acute situations through the London Mums network, for the readers to be able to treat fevers, sore throats, ear aches and other complaints by themselves. Offering an alternative to Calpol and the likes.

Webcam appointments via skype are a convenient way for many as they can have the consultations in the comfort of their own home. Specially if you have young children and don’t want to travel. Homeopathic remedies can be used at any stage of life, from pregnancy and infancy, during childhood and through to old age. The remedies are non toxic and help the body to heal itself. Many people start using homeopathy during pregnancy when they might not feel comfortable with using conventional drugs like pain killers or steroids.

At the moment the main complaints I see in my clinic are Period problems, PMT, IBS, Insomnia, Anxiety and Panic attacks. Many parents also bring children with Respiratory illness, Molloscums, Eczema, Colic and Teething problems.

THE AUTHOR: Liselotte Rolander LCH MARH or email

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