A guide to keeping your home germ-free during the pandemic

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, our health is at the forefront of the decisions we are making. How to best protect ourselves when we go out to do essential shopping and how we can keep our homes germ-free are some of the concerns we are facing on a daily basis. While some things are out of our control during this difficult time, there are some things that we can do to reduce germs and eliminate them from our homes.

Don’t forget the common places

We are great at giving attention to the kitchen worktops when we clean the kitchen but don’t forget about the commonly touched areas. Be sure to give the cupboards, their handles and appliances such as the kettle and fridge a clean. If you share a house, the fridge, for example, will be touched by different people throughout the day – much more often now that we find ourselves at home for longer.

Other places not to be missed:

  • Door handles (even the outside ones)
  • Window handles
  • Remote controls
  • Light switches
  • Phones
  • Computer keyboard and mouse.

Consider doing these every other day using a sanitiser. And if you’re getting deliveries, be sure to dispose of the packaging as soon as possible. If it’s a food delivery, wipe down cans, jars and plastic packaging that could have been exposed.

Have a hand-washing station at the door

If you’ve been out for essentials when you return think about having hand sanitiser at the entrance. If you sanitise before entering the house, you can reduce the chance of spreading germs through touching things. Once you’ve put away what you have bought, wash your hands again with warm water and soap.


Trap germs before they spread

Another simple way to stop the spread of germs and bacteria is to trap them before they can spread. Have a mat at your front door to wipe your shoes on and get rid of some germs before entering. If you have been outside, leave shoes at the door to prevent traipsing in any bacteria. If you are a key worker and find yourself coming into contact with anyone or sitting down and coming into contact with furniture outside of your house – be sure to wash your clothes as soon as you get home. Don’t sit on any of your furniture as it could spread bacteria. Vacuum as regularly as possible to eliminate any germs that have been trapped.


Choose the right cleaning products

There’s no point wasting your time cleaning your house if you’re not using products which help fight germs. Due to the structure of the virus causing this pandemic, detergents – such as soap – can work by themselves and break down the virus’ structure. Alcohol in hand sanitiser also helps, so long as it is at least 60% alcohol. When buying cleaning products, while many are marketed at fighting germs, many won’t work against the virus. They need to contain at least 70% alcohol to have an impact. Before buying any sprays or wipes check the ingredients.


If you don’t fancy tackling the cleaning on your own, why not hire domestic cleaners? They will use effective cleaning products and ensure you home is left looking spick and span.

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