5 Tips To Make Your Marriage Last (From those who have been there and done it!)

Following the Royal Wedding and with The Office of National Statistics alarming statistic revealing that on average 42% of marriages end in divorce, the concept of marriage is certainly a hot topic! Consequently, Brookman Solicitors have completed a relationship survey* providing top relationship tips to newlyweds from couples who have been there and done it, with 76% of those surveyed being married for over two decades. Following these five tips will help make your marriage last “until death do us part.”

  1. Keep The Spark Alive

With any marriage the honeymoon period will undoubtedly not last forever this is where the most effort will need to be made in order to keep the spark alive. Many respondents revealed how a date night could be a great way to guarantee that your marriage lasts. A date night does not need to break the bank with ideas ranging from a walk in the park with your partner, to going out for dinner or having a movie night. This gives you both the chance to talk properly and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions, preventing you from falling into the habit of neglecting your partner.


  1. Change Your Bad Habits

In marriage you make a commitment to be with your partner “for better, for worse.” Everyone has their bad habits that will annoy their partner but if you are aware of what annoys your other half you can take the required steps to reduce these annoying habits and resolve any underlying tension. The relationship survey has revealed the top seven most annoying habits in relationships that may be relevant to you:


1: Failing to do chores

2: Talks to much

3: Fails to communicate

4: Poor Hygiene

5: Failure to manage money

6: Selfish

7: Technology


If one of these sounds familiar to you it may be time to self-evaluate your behaviour and take any relevant action to rectify these behaviours in order to improve your relationship dynamic.


  1. Accept Arguments Will Happen

In a relationship arguments will inevitably happen as you spend so much time together, however it’s how you deal with disagreements that will determine how long your marriage will last. For instance, 17% of couples sampled revealed that remaining calm and not reacting hastily to disagreements helped them overcome any hiccups that have arisen in their marriage. Compromise was a keyword mentioned by respondents in resolving any disagreements!


  1. View Divorce As a Last Resort

Unfortunately for marriages divorce has long been glamourised in the media with the ins and outs of celebrity separations and breakups revealed almost daily online. Brookman Solicitors’ survey interestingly revealed that over half of respondents agreed divorce was portrayed as a social norm and an easy option to leave a relationship. In order for your marriage to last the distance you divorce should not be considered or used as a threat in any heated argument or situation as this enables divorce to become subconsciously an option in both of your minds as a potential way out. Of course in a relationship where you have both been unhappy for a long time divorce may be considered but you should not consider this an option, unless absolutely necessary, if you want your marriage to last.


  1. Don’t Let Technology Rule Your Relationship

Technology has certainly started to rule our lives both home and at work but we should not let it rule our relationships. With 75% of respondents admitting technology and social media use has had a negative impact on their relationship, it is important to look up from your phone and spend time paying attention to your love one.



*The online survey was conducted with 1006 married individuals, based in the US, during April 2018. The couples were asked 10 questions relating to their marriage, relationship challenges, solutions, advice to newlyweds and the role that media, technology and social media plays in relationship breakdown.

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