3 Tips to ensure our teeth are strong and healthy throughout life

Dental health is so important at all stages of your life, whether you are a toddler with milk teeth, a young adult, or are becoming more elderly. Once you get your ‘adult’ teeth at around the age of 8, you are stuck with these for life and don’t get any natural replacements. Unlike sharks, which can grow new sets of teeth if their old ones fall out, humans just get one shot, so you must look after them well. Teeth are so important for many aspects of our life – not only for practicality, but they are also something that we need to keep looking nice in order to make us look visually attractive. Here are a couple of tips that everyone should follow to ensure strong, healthy teeth.

Image by Giulia Marotta from Pixabay

Make Them Straight And Problem-Free

Firstly, if your teeth are wonky or crowded, not only could this cause self-esteem issues but it can also cause dental problems. To avoid this, most people with wonky teeth are offered braces earlier on in life. However, this might not have been the case for you and if you didn’t get the chance to get braces when you were younger, getting night time clear aligners could be the best solution. If you want to know what are the benefits of clear braces vs wire braces, the list is extensive. The invisible braces offered by ALIGNERCO are easy to remove and are more protective of your tooth enamel. You can have them delivered straight to your door. They are also not visible to anybody else, which may remove the stigma of feeling ‘too old’ to have braces.

Get A Good Toothpaste And Toothbrush

Good toothbrushes and toothpaste are the foundation for healthy teeth. If you are using a toothbrush you have had for quite a long time, why not replace it with one with more firm bristles? Alternatively, you could go for an electric toothbrush, which could be better if you are not sure that you get the full motion with your hand. If you are conscious of the waste that you are producing with the constant cycle of toothbrushes, you could even switch to a bamboo toothbrush, which is fully compostable and won’t make any excess plastic waste. To find the best toothpaste brand, consult your dentist. If you have any specific needs such as toothpaste for sensitive teeth, make sure you get the appropriate product.

Try Not To Drink Too Much Black Coffee Or Red Wine

Some foods or drinks can actually stain your teeth if you drink too much of them. Included in this list are black coffee and red wine. This is quite unsurprising considering both drinks have a deep colour, so if you are a regular drinker of either, you may expect some staining on your teeth. The staining can be quite subtle, but it can be pretty long-lasting, so if this is something that you would rather not get, then maybe opt for drinks that are lighter in colour and aren’t visibly changing the colour of your teeth as a result.

Strengthen Them With Crunchy Foods

Eating crunchy foods is good for your teeth, especially if you do this from a young age. Carrots are great for your teeth because they are crunchy but are also very healthy, so won’t be forcing your teeth to bite down on excess sugar. It goes without saying that if you eat crunchy or hard sweets, this will probably be an exception to the rule and will do more harm than good. You can eat sugary foods sometimes, just be careful not to overdo it and make sure you brush your teeth really well afterwards. Tooth decay can be painful and can also take a while to treat if it gets really bad – potentially resulting in you needing teeth extracted.

Take Care When Playing Sport

When playing sports, your teeth are in quite a vulnerable position. Especially at a younger age, people often break or chip their teeth through playing football or even by diving into a swimming pool. If you are playing any sport that involves a lot of physical contact or a sport that has a potentially dangerous piece of equipment like a hard ball, it is always best to wear a mouthguard. If necessary, you could even wear a helmet. Being reckless in your youth will only lead to problems later and although you can get your teeth fixed, it often costs a lot of money and replacements are not as strong as your natural teeth would be.

If you look after your teeth well, they will carry you through the rest of your life. To be blessed with a well-working set of teeth is really lucky and is not something you should take for granted, so definitely look after them to the best of your ability.

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