One in three women say a night out with the girls beats a night out with their man. New research out today reveals that nearly a third of women (29 per cent) have more fun on a night out with the girls than with their partner, while one in six women (15 per cent) would opt for an evening with their girlfriends over a romantic night with their man.

The study by cupcake company Green’s* which polled women aged between 18 and 65, found that 15 per cent of women secretly prefer spending time with their friends over their partner. One fifth of women (19 per cent) agreed they are more likely to be themselves with their best friends than their partner, while over half of women (53 per cent) consider their friends family.

A quarter of the women (25 per cent) polled said they thought their friends were funnier than their partner, with 35 per cent stating they laughed more with their girlfriends than with their other half. One in two women (54 percent) admitted their friends made them feel more secure in themselves than their partner. After seeing friends nearly three quarters of women agreed that they felt more relaxed (72 per cent) and 75 per cent said that they felt happier and uplifted.

Proving just how deep the bonds of friendship run, over a third of women (34 per cent) have told a secret to their girlfriends before telling their partner, with 35 percent telling a secret to their friends that they have not disclosed to their other half. One in four (27 per cent) regularly share their problems and hang ups with their friends over their partner, and nearly half (44 per cent) believe their friends are better listeners than their men.

According to the study the average woman has five close friends, with nearly a third (32 per cent) having known their best friends for more than half their life. Nearly a third of women (61 per cent) said they would cancel plans with their partner if a friend had an emergency, while 15 per cent agreed they would put the needs of their oldest friend before their partner.

The research showed that women are just as happy in each other’s company than on a lavish night out with over four fifths of women (84 percent) stating that an evening in chatting is just as enjoyable as a night on the town.

London ladies spend the most quality time with their friends each week, clocking up nearly sixteen hours with the girls. Women in the South East spend the least time with their friends at a little over eight hours a week.

Top 10 regions for women spending time with their girlfriends:

1. London (15.6 hours per week)

2. North East (11.4 hours per week)

3. East Midlands (10.9 hours per week)

4. Scotland (10.0 hours per week)

5. Wales (9.8 hours per week)

6. West Midlands (9.2 hours per week)

7. Yorkshire / Humber (9.2 hours per week)

8. South West (8.8 hours per week)

9. Eastern (8.4 hours per week)

10. South East (8.1 per week)

Psychotherapist Christine Webber comments: “Women’s friendships with other women are the backbone of their support system. Many of us have girlfriends who have outlived several of our romantic relationships. In fact, they are friends for life. We love the dependable humour of our female friendships, and the unconditional support we know we can expect. Our mates keep us young. And recent research also shows that having good friends actually keeps us healthy – and may help us avoid dementia, strokes and heart disease. So friends are not just fun, they’re very good news for our longevity!”

*Green’s (www.greenscakes.co.uk) used the independent online research company FlyResearch who surveyed 1,068 UK women aged between 18 and 65, between 25th and 28th July 2011

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