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Single Breast Pump

ARIA, Mii™ Single Electric Breast Pump

IARIA, Mii™ Single Electric Breast Pump, is a hospital-grade breast pump designed for comfort, power, and portability. Quality engineering makes ARIA a safe option for moms through a 100% safe guard with no cross contamination. Equipped with Flutter Flex Vent™ soft cups made of 100% food-grade silicone to allow longer and more comfortable pumps by avoiding damage to the nipple area. ARIA controls are capable of regulating milk production and simulating baby’s feeding habits through suction strength, suction rate, and time settings. ARIA received its name because of its lightweight and quiet functionality as a single hospital grade electric breast pump.

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Single Breast Pump

INNOVATUS Mii™ Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump

Innovatus, Mii™ Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump, is uniquely engineered for power, durability, and comfort. Equipped with settings for cycle rate, suction intensity, and a timer, INNOVATUS helps mums find the exact settings that stimulate s baby’s feeding habits. Soft cups are 100% food-grade silicone and designed with Flutter Flex™ technology to mimic baby’s suction motion and regulate milk production.


Innovatus Electric Breast Pump Kit Includes:

4 Bottle Stands, 2 New Born Slow-Flow Teats, 2 5oz Milk Storage Containers, 2 Sealing Discs,

1 Insulated Bottle Carrier, 1 Insulated Cooler Bag, 1 Back-Pack Style Carry Bag

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