REVIEW: Artisanal hot cross buns 

Easter is at the door and personally I love eating good quality hot cross buns versus supermarkets’ Easter sweets.  I have come across a micro bakery in Clapton, Charles Artisan Bread, providing simple, honest and no fuss freshly baked goods everyday including the ultimate Hot Cross “Bunny” alongside bespoke Carrots Cakes.

These limited edition treats sit alongside the classic Hot Cross Buns and the other pastries and sourdough at the bakery.
Unsuprisingly, artisan sourdough bread pastries & vegan pastries, baked fresh daily, using locally sourced, additive free ingredients, are healthier and yummier than products from big chains and deserve a shout out. 

Charles Artisan Bread bakery uses a slow 24-hour fermentation process which means that they only have a finite number of goods that they can produce daily to maintain the quality and standards they set. But it’s that long fermentation and love put into the products that is reflected at the end in the taste for customers.

If you decide to make your own HOT CROSS BUNS, check out London Mums’ recipe here.


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