Vegan sandwich Recipe: Ham and Cheese melt style panini

Here’s some Veganuary inspiration for a vegan sandwich. Ham Style Slice and Cheese Melt simple to make with vegan ingredients.


– 2 slices Sourdough bread

– Squeaky Ham Style Sandwich Slices

– Applewood Vegan Cheese

– Large tomato slices

Give this classic combo a vegan twist and make lunchtime worth waiting for.


1) Toast 2 large slices of sourdough bread. You can use a toaster, or for an even more appealing finish, try a griddle pan and griddle until lines appear.

2) Once toasted, melt two slices of Applewood Vegan Cheese in a frying pan, and when they’re nearly completely melted, top the sourdough.

3) Add a generous layer of the Squeaky Ham Style Sandwich Slices, and top with two large tomato slices.

4) Slice and serve.


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