Vegan recipe: Kebab Slice Pitta Pockets

Here’s one of my favourite vegan snack: Kebab style Slice Pitta Pockets.


– 1 large white pitta

– Squeaky Bean Chicken Kebab Style Sandwich Slices (vegan product) 

– Shredded red cabbage, spritzed with a squeeze of lemon

– Grated carrot

– A handful of rocket

– A generous spoonful of vegan mayo

Lunch is in hand with this homemade kebab that packs some real flavour.



1) Warm the pitta bread in a toaster or under the grill on a low setting.

2) Once warmed, cut into the pitta bread at the side, being careful of any escaping


3) Add a dollop of vegan mayo, then the carrot, red cabbage and rocket.

4) Finally, add a generous portion of Squeaky Bean Chicken Kebab Style Sandwich Slices, and serve.

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