Valentine themed family meals

The importance of Valentine is totally overrated. In this piece you can find my suggestions for home-made Valentine themed family meals.

Valentine’s Day comes from an old tradition linked to both agriculture and religion. Traditionally, Spring begins on 14th February which celebrates St Valentine’s Day and in which it is said that birds choose their mates. In some parts of Britain the 14th February used to be known as ‘the Birds’ Wedding Day’. While when the modern tradition started, it was quite thought-provoking and romantic, now it has become too commercial and over the top. It is shocking that every year Brits spend around £503m on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts for Valentine’s Day.
Valentine red rose flower London Mums magazine Valentine red rose

This Valentine I have decided to go to the cinema with my girlfriends to watch the new movie Fifty Shades of Grey and in addition to that celebrate with Valentine themed family meals at home at the weekend.

Red is the dominant Valentine colour so I have themed my kitchen with the help of cost-effective tool utensils from Aldi Specialbuys. Having the right appliances to cook at home makes preparing delicious meals for friends and family so much easier. Aldi Specialbuys has an excellent range of kitchen gadgets and accessories, on sale this Sunday 11th January 2015 which is a blessing after the Christmas spending.

The toaster adds a dash of sophistication to my kitchen in stunningly red colour and matches my on-trend metallic-finish cordless kettle. I am never been very lucky with toasters. In the past four years I have broken three of them. But this one seems really functional and robust so I hope to be a long-lasting addition to my kitchen gadgets.

Valentine Aldi 4 SLICE TOASTER 5

Bullet Kettle (£17.99) & the 4 Slice Toaster (£19.99) – on sale at Aldi on 11th January 2015

If you want to be inspired with more ideas to dress your home for Valentine, check out our Agony Aunt Aneliese column Valentine’s dressing of the home.

And here are my suggestions for healthy but tasty Valentine menus for the whole family:


 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids



recipe breakfast Cinnamon Apple Toastie


Starter: Roasted Tomato Salad with Asparagus and Black Olives

Fragata roasted tomato salad Valentine Menu

Main: Fillet Steak with Green Olive Tapenade

Fragata steak and green olive tapenade Valentine Menu copy

Dessert: Millionaire’s Shortbread with Black Olive Caramel

Fragata Millionaire's shortbread Valentine Menu copy


Lobster Bisque

recipe Lobster Bisque

Recipes for an Aphrodisiac feast! (this is recommended only for adults)


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