Summer recipe: Strawberry Tiramisu

I love using seasonal ingredients for my cooking and we have tried to make Strawberry Tiramisu inspired by Lubera Strawberries. If you get to make it, please send us your images and ideas to adapt the recipe to the little ones’ taste. Wimbledon season is over now and now that we have seen a glimpse of Summer we can cool down with something a little different. Strawberries and Cream is last year darlings, so for a change we have found this super Strawberry Tiramisu recipe from Pascale Treichler (gardener and cook extraordinaire).

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Firstly we recommend to make portions in glass tumblers so that you can freeze any spare.  Have you ever eaten half frozen tiramisu?  It’s fabulous!


2 x Sponge Fingers for each glass 2 pieces
Mega strong strawberry syrup therefore only give a few drops of water to dilute it.
If you want alcohol too you can use sweetened orange liqueur with icing sugar.

strawberry recipe Erdbeere


Fill each glass with the Sponge Fingers and baste with some strawberry syrup.
The biscuits are soft and can now be pushed a little deeper.
Then add some fresh, chopped strawberries, depending on the size of the glasses into slices or cubes.

For the cream:
Mascarpone 500g

Natural Yoghurt 200g
Whipped cream 200g
Vanilla sugar 3 tsp
Icing sugar 100g
Carefully mix all this together until a deliciously sticky mass of loveliness.

To finish:
Add your mixed cream on top of the strawberries & sponge fingers in the glasses.

You can sprinkle the cream with peppermint candy by ….
Plucking a handful mint wash, dry and puree with 100g sugar until green and wonderfully fragrant.
For decoration add a great big strawberry and peppermint tip.

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Yummy Strawberries with the seal of approval of our London Mayor!

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