Recipe: Vegan Fondue

I am not vegan but I wanted to give Veganuary a go. For a cheese lover like me wanting to shed some weight before an imminent winter sun holiday, there’s only the vegan road ahead. I have tried lots of vegan alternatives to dairy and meat and I to say that I now quite like them. Here’s a vegan fondue recipe.

The best thing about a fondue party is, you can use whatever you want to dip in the gooey goodness!

I used some fruit, some Squeaky pieces and bread.

For the fondue itself, here’s the recipe:



250ml Soya Cream (I used Alpro)

Whole block of Vegan cheddar- grated (I used Violife)

Generous glug of Drop Bear Bonfire Stout

Salt and Pepper – to taste.

Nutritional Yeast – 3tbsp



-Heat soya cream over medium heat

-Add grated vegan cheese to the cream and stir until the cheese melts and a thick sauce starts to form

-Add a glug of Drop Bear Bonfire Stout and the nutritional yeast

-Season with salt and pepper to taste. 

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