Recipe: Plant-Based Pastrami Stacker

Veganuary is still on and I have made myself a vegan sandwich that tastes just as meaty and cheesy as the real thing. Here’s a simple Plant-Based Pastrami Stacker recipe.


– 2 Large Slices Sourdough bread

– Vadasz sauerkraut (or pickles of your choice!)

– Applewood Vegan Cheese (I love this and being vegan is better for me)

4 simple ingredients, one seriously tasty plant-based pastrami stack.


1) Toast 2 large slices of sourdough bread. The toaster is fine but for some extra colour and

flavour pop them in the griddle pan until you get some clear griddle lines, repeat for both


2) Once toasted add a layer of sauerkraut for contrasting taste and texture. We’ve used our

favourite Vadasz Sauerkraut.

3) Add a generous layer of the pastrami slices. (Top with a little mustard if you want an extra


4) In a frying pan melt slices of Applewood Vegan Cheese, when they’ve almost completely

melted transfer them to the sandwich and top with your other piece of bread.

5) Slice and serve.

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