Recipe: How to make a Rabbit sandwich

Easy recipe on how to make a Rabbit sandwich provided by the Netflix team. Like the Dog sandwich recipe this one encourages children to eat food that they would not normally eat while having fun. Why not watch a movie starring a rabbit while you eat the sandwich too. Below you find a selection of our favourite ones. netflix rabbit movie sandwich Option2withlogo.153454netflix rabbit movie sandwich FunkyLunchRabbitcroppedwithlogoV2.163052

You will need
3 x slices of 50/50 white bread
½ a slice of wholemeal bread
Sandwich filling
Slice of ham
Black grapes
Red pepper or cherry tomato
6x pieces of dry spaghetti

1. Make a sandwich using two slices of bread and your favourite filling

2. Cut the shape of the Rabbit head as shown in the picture (rounded at the top, with a wider section for the cheeks, narrowing to a thin neck)

3. To make the ears, cut the third slice of white bread into two long oval shapes pointed at one end, and top these with two ovals of ham slightly smaller than the ears, leaving an edge around the outside

4. Using the wholemeal bread cut two small oval shapes slightly pointed at one end and place these together on top of the bread so that the tips touch. Top this with a small circle of either red pepper or cherry tomato for the nose, cut using a small circle cutter

5. For the eyes, cut a slice of cucumber lengthways and remove the skin. Using the cucumber flesh, cut two long oval shapes and top these with half a black grape for the pupils

6. Finish your Rabbit with some teeth made from a rectangle of cucumber with a v-shape cut up the middle. Using the spaghetti poke it into the wholemeal bread nose and snap off to your desired length. Don’t forget to remove the spaghetti before eating the sandwich

Top tips

1. Instead of cucumber flesh for the eyes and teeth, you could use a slice of cheese cut into the same shapes?
2. Why not swap the dry spaghetti whiskers for some chives or thin strands of spring onion?

Our favourite movies starring rabbits

netflix rabbit movie The Adventures of the American Rabbit netflix rabbit movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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