Pancake recipes for all occasions


Pancakes are easy to prepare and can be used for recipes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and beyond. Here is a collection of our favourite Pancake recipes. Just click on the pink links or on the images to be redirected to the recipes. Enjoy!


London Mums own easy recipes can be found in the chat forum about Pancake Day.


If you fancy making your home-made pancakes, here is a very simple recipe that I have used a lot over the years.

Ingredients for the pancake mixture:

110g of plain flour

2 eggs

a pinch of salt

75ml of water

50g of butter

200ml milk

To prepare the pancakes it is simple. Just mix the flour with salt into a bowl. Add the eggs to the flour. Then whisk the eggs with a fork.

Then gradually add the milk slowly together with the water. Keep whisking until the mixture is smooth like a cream. Separately in a hot pan add the butter, turn the heat down to medium and add approximately 2 tsp of pancake mixture for the first pancake. Make sure you flip it around from side to side to get it cooked but pay attention that you don’t leave it for too long. One minute is usually enough to cook it. Careful though as it is really easy to burn them. Enjoy!



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