During National Sandwich Week London Mums’ fave recipe is HAM, SWISS CHEESE AND ARRABBIATA SAUCE PANINI

There is real art in making truly delicious lunches, no longer are we a generation of simply ham, cheddar and branston pickle, instead we choose a more indulgent fromage and add trendy favourites such as avocado or rocket or decide to whip up a frittata or Quesadilla. During National Sandwich Week (8-14 May 2016), London Mums reveal their favourite recipe:  HAM, SWISS CHEESE AND ARRABBIATA SAUCE PANINI.

recipe Panini national sandwich week



·        Panini roll cut but left hinged

·        4 slices of WELLY ham (available from Waitrose)

·        2 slices of Swiss Cheese

·        40g Arrabbiata sauce



·        Cut a panini roll and spread the sauce on the base and lid of the panini roll

·         Layer the WELLY ham and Swiss cheese and close

·        Place on a contact grill or dry frying pan for 3 or 4 minutes until golden brown and crisp.

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