Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

For many parents, it’s much too easy to simply provide a box of sugar and starch-filled cereal for the children in the morning. While these cereals may taste good, the body needs more than what a lot of these breakfasts can provide. What kind of breakfasts can you give the children that are healthy as well as tasty?


1. Adding Berries to Pancakes – Pancakes can be a great way to start the day. However, adding berries to the mix or as a side dish can increase the health value exponentially. You could even get creative and assemble the fruit to make faces and random objects the kids will enjoy. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could add the fruit to the batter in an attempt to create images within the pancake while it cooks.


2. Oatmeal and Fruit – For some parents, it may be difficult to convince a child to eat a bowl of oatmeal on its own. Once you toss in some strawberries, bananas or other fruit, it comes a completely different breakfast. Instead of pouring sugar on the oats, the natural sweetness of fruits can be the game changer for many children. Whether it is placed on top of the oatmeal or mixed in, various fruits can make a great impact in how well the dish is accepted.

3. Scrambled Eggs and Cheese – A lot of kids love scrambled eggs. Add melted shredded cheese on top, and it becomes more than just a plate of eggs. Add a few sautéed chopped onions into the eggs while you’re scrambling them and it becomes an incredibly tasty and healthy breakfast. You may not want to use too many onions for the children may not like the extra zing these vegetables bring.


4. Egg in a Hole – This can be called by a variety of names. It’s when you remove a section of wheat bread while it’s in the frying pan while inserting an egg into the space. Shaped cookie cutters can provide you with various images each time. One of my favorites is the candy cane shape during the holidays.

5. Fruit Art – Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring if you have an imagination. Instead of a bowl of fruit or simply scooped onto the side of a plate, why not get creative and make characters out of the food? Children love eating various recognizable shapes such as the sunshine example above with pancakes.

Instead of leaving the child’s breakfast up to a box of cereal, be more integrated with their health. There are many fun and engaging ways you can serve up a breakfast and most of them don’t require more time than you already utilize. Help them prepare for the day and guide your kids to a healthier lifestyle.

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