Football Fever Recipe for the perfect Caipirinha

Whether you like all this football fever or not, Brazil is all around us for the next month so let’s play a make believe game to help us enjoy the footy atmosphere. The Brazilian sunshine is out here too and so is the BBQ, judging from all the smells in the city. You just need to get your dancing shoes on and learn a few samba moves to make it more believable. And of course you need to have Brazil’s national and strongest cocktail Caipirinha in your hands. It is easy to make and guaranteed to get everyone in the party mood no matter what your team is doing at the World Cup.
Football Fever Recipe for the perfect Caipirinha


1 lime

2 tsp brown sugar

2oz of Cachaça (Brazil’s most common hard liquor made with sugar cane)

A handful of fresh mint leaves

Crushed ice.

bottle Brazil 2014 cachaca football drink


Simply cut the lime into wedges and squeeze the juice into a mixing jug or cocktail shaker.

Add the wedges together with the sugar and mix all ingredients together with a wooden spoon.

Add the ice and pour the Cachaça over the ice.

Add pieces of mint leaves and add more sugar if needed.

Give it a good stir, pour into a chilled cocktail glass and enjoy! Caipirinha is a great drink to serve alongside barbecue food.

Have a home made Caxirola (a type of Maraca) ready to cheer up your team – check the instructions on how to make an easy one with the kids.

caxirola collage

Here is the World Cup Song for Brazil 2014 official Music Video (not exactly a samba but get used to this tune as it will be played a lot)

I prefer the Fifa Brazil 2014 mascot learning how to play football video


Caipirinha photo credit: Chris Benseler via photopin cc

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