Easy pancake recipe


Pancakes are easy to prepare but I have now a very easy pancake recipe after experimenting in the kitchen with my 11 year old son Diego. Try it on Shrove Tuesday and beyond.



What you need for 10 pancakes

100 grams of plain flour 

300 ml of semi skimmed milk 

no sugar 

2 large eggs

How to make it 

Don’t use too much frying oil because otherwise it is difficult to cook the pancakes and they are too greasy. 


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you get a smooth mixture.

Put a small amount of mixture for each pancakes in a non-stick pan. Monitor it constantly and flip it quickly to cook each side. Careful as they can be easily burnt. 


Here is a collection of our favourite Pancake recipes from the London Mums recipe archive. Just click on the links or on the images to be redirected to the recipes. Enjoy!



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