Cookery book of the week: 21 Fun Recipes

While we are still stuck at home, 21 Fun Recipes provides the perfect antidote to lockdown blues, as the kitchen becomes the new playground for any family wanting to have some quality, empowering time together. 21 Fun Recipes is a delectable new and independently published illustrated cookbook for children and adults that provides easy recipe layouts and information on the food prepared promoting healthy eating and family fun. 

It’s written by veteran Chef, Leszek Zajac, 21 Fun Recipes brings simple instructions and stunning imagery together, inspiring every family to get busy in the kitchen. With a focus on broadening the horizons of readers’ culinary skills, readers can make everything from rainbow pasta and cheese sauce to macaroons, pizza, smoothies and even home-made ketchup. 

While you go through the pages, you get the sense that Leszek Zajac loves nothing more than being in the kitchen and with right because he has worked alongside many Michelin star-decorated chefs for organisations including Gordon Ramsay Holdings, Gaucho and Brasserie of Light Selfridges. 

Leszek is an enthusiastic and passionate chef with over 20 years experience. He started his cooking career in Poland, attending culinary school, after which he built his carrier in the UK first by appearing in Jason Atherton’s Pepsi advert. He also appeared on famous Channel 4 TV Series ‘Four in a Bed‘ at the Clarendon Royal Hotel In Gravesend. After 7 years of working at top London establishments, he returned to Gravesend to run the kitchen at Clarendon Royal hotel, and became an author of children’s cook books.

With his cookery book, Leszek has the mission to improve children’s eating habits by showing them how to make their favourite foods at home. The idea behind is that once they know what ingredients go into the foods they eat every day, they can make them themselves and avoid processed foods. This should help them to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and also have a lot of fun along the way.

He explained that he didn’t just want to get families into the kitchen, but wanted to put a focus on healthy food and simple cooking techniques, because at the end of the day, it’s all about helping children foster good habits from a young age, and helping parents find new things to do during this unique time we live in. There’s nothing quite like getting ingredients together and heading into the kitchen to produce a meal that can then be enjoyed together.

The instructions are clearly and concisely presented and the graphics are engaging enough to ensure that every recipe is easy to follow and interesting to explore. It’s as much a visual journey as it is a taste one. And with starters, mains, desserts and snacks, there’s dozens of hours of fun to be had.

Lots of other readers seem to agree as they have left positive reviews so far. 

21 Fun Recipes is available from Amazon UK or  Waterstones.

The book’s official website is

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