Christmas recipe: Nadia Sawalha’s Layered Cranberry Cheesecake

Here is another mouthwatering recipe by Nadia Sawalha. Her Layered Cranberry Cheesecake is truly yummy! Try it for yourself. Enjoy!

Layered Cheesecake

Makes: 6

Prep time: 30 minutes


1 orange, zest and juice

250g cranberries

8 tbsp. Granulated sugar (we used Splenda as it is really soft)

75g mazso crackers

50g low fat margarine, melted

275g light cream cheese

150g low fat yoghurt

layered cheesecake 2


1. Put the orange juice in to a pan along with the cranberries and 3tbsp. of the Granulated sugar. Put over a low heat and cook for around 5 minutes until the fruits are just beginning to burst. Cool.

layered cheesecake 1

2. Place the crackers in a freezer bag and crush until they are crumbs. Add 2tbsp of the granulated sugar to the cracker crumbs and give the bag a little shake. Pour in the melted margarine. Close the bag and massage in to the crumbs.

3. Mix together the cream cheese and yoghurt with the last 3 tbsp. of the Granulated sugar.

4. To serve, layer all of the components in to some pretty glasses or ramekins finishing with a spoonful of the cranberries.

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