This recipe is made easy by using pre-prepared foods and serving them with Vanilla Ice Cream.


4 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream (100g/200ml). For this recipe we used Carte D’Or Vanilla Ice Cream

400g can of pear halves in juice

4 ready-made pancakes

2 tsp brown sugar

15g pistachio nuts, chopped

REMOVE the pear halves from the can, reserving the juice, and slice each pear half into 3 pieces.

PLACE the pears into a small saucepan with 2 tablespoons of the juice. Heat gently for 2 minutes.

HEAT the pancakes on a plate in the microwave on high power for 30 seconds.

FOLD each pancake into 4 and place on a serving plate.

LAYER the warm pears and juice onto the pancakes.

SCOOP the Carte D’Or Pear and Vanilla Ice Cream and place 1 ball on top of each warm pear.

SERVE sprinkled with brown sugar and the chopped pistachio nuts.

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