Fresh pasta delivered to your door by Nonna Tonda

The pandemic has brought lots of struggles to many, but some entrepreneurs have managed to turn things around by being inventive and innovative. James and Rebecca recently had to close Nonna Tonda, their pasta restaurant in London, so thought they could deliver their fresh pasta pasta to people instead.

Each week they now deliver hand rolled fresh pasta and delicious homemade sauces to people’s doors. Recipes that are ready to cook and eat in under 5 minutes. A dream come true especially if you love Italian food and don’t have the time to make fresh pasta.

Made each morning and delivered the same day Nonna Tonda’s pasta is the freshest I have ever tried in London so far. Each dish (for two, four or six people) includes fresh pasta, a sauce and fresh Parmesan cheese ready to be prepared in under 5 minutes – the time to get the pasta to boil.

The pasta gets delivered through the letterbox.

Every week they deliver a different pasta dish – vegetarian or not,  and they even take into consideration customer’s allergies. If you don’t want pasta each week, you can skip any deliveries by simply sending an email or giving them a call. 

Every delivery includes fresh pasta which James makes each morning ready to be delivered the same day. This pasta is made from St Ewe eggs from Cornwall and the finest Italian flours. Having travelled extensively around Italy, James and Rebecca know what they’re doing. They also include a sauce made using the best seasonal British produce. Everything they can’t source locally comes direct from Italy. Check the list of Nonna Tonda’s suppliers to see where they source all the ingredients.

They also send the right amount of fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano as well as garnish, a little something extra to give the dish the finishing touch. 

These are the dishes I have tried. 

Rainbow chard, spinach and ricotta Ravioli with walnut sauce

Ingredients include Spinach & chard ravioli 420g – 00 wheat flour, St Ewe egg, spinach, chard, nutmeg, salt, pepper, Grana Kinara cheese, ricotta cheese. Walnut sauce 100g – walnuts, lemon, juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, milk, breadcrumbs, garlic. Ravioli dusted in rice flour.

Rigatoni with pork Genovese 

James said that he first made this dish a few years ago with Giovanni, his friend from Naples. It is a traditional Neapolitan dish but little known outside Naples. It is said to have been bought to Naples by merchant sailors from Genoa, hence the name. The base of the sauce is finely sliced white onion, carrot and celery cooked on a very low heat until sweet and translucent. We then add whole pork shoulder white wine and chicken stock. This is braised on a low heat until the pork is shredded easily with a fork.

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