‘Florentine and Pig – Have a very lovely picnic’ – kids’ & mums’ new book review

Florentine and Pig have already won over an army of parents with their traditional values, even though the first book won’t be published until 7th June 2012. Eva Katzler has developed the brand and content through online channels. Florentine and Pig have an impressive 1477 followers on Twitter and a whopping 1762 fans on Facebook (early May 2012).

Each book sees the two having a different adventure, followed by a section of recipes (created by Jess and Laura Tilli of BBC Two’s The Restaurant with Raymond Blanc) and craft activities. The series encourages children and parents to read, play and create with each other, all the while learning about healthy eating.

The book is brilliantly illustrated and is filled with lots of easy recipes to make with your children. It’s a book you can read to kids, cook with them and teach them how to get organise for a fun activity.

The characters have a number of celebrity fans including Dawn Porter who says: ‘Florentine and Pig are the Mary Poppins of cooking. What better way to get children interested in what they eat than to make a game out of it.

F & P’s ethos is educating children to understand how important good food is. Their message will shape the mind set of future generations. And not only that, but teaching your kids how to cook means that a surprise breakfast in bed might happen much more often. What is there not to love?’

Florentine and pig have a fabulous website www.florentineandpig.com

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