Exclusive interview with Cbeebies ‘I Can Cook’ star Katy Ashworth on her passions & her charity work

Who hasn’t cooked with the children following the recipes from ‘I Can Cook’ with Cbeebies star Katy Ashworth and her group of lively kids. Find out all about her passions & and her charity work for BLISS in this exclusive interview for London Mums. Enjoy!

Katy Ashworth BLISS  charity

Katy Ashworth presents the children’s programme ‘I Can Cook’ and it’s outdoor version ‘I can cook on the go’ on the BBC’s CBeebies digital channel. In the programme, Ashworth demonstrates to under-sixes how to create simple yet interesting dishes through live preparation with a group of children. During the cooking, Ashworth explains, using cutaway scenes, the process of growing and picking the ingredients. Ashworth also entertains the children with original musical pieces which she sings and plays with an acoustic guitar.Since 2011 she has presented CBeebies.
She has also toured a children’s show, intended for under-7s.
Ashworth received a first-class degree in Drama at the University of Exeter.

Q: Why do you support the Bliss charity in particular?

Katy: I think they are a fantastic charity who provide support and care to premature and sick babies and their families. They need all the support they can get and I am so happy I am able do that.

Q: What’s your involvement in the latest Bliss campaign?

Katy: I am fronting the campaign to help gain publicity among families so they can get involved in the buggy push and raise money. I will also be attending the buggy push in May 2013 to join in the fun! (Although I don’t have a buggy so I might bring a wheel barrow and put my friend in it!)

Q: Katy, where does your passion for cooking come from?

Katy: I’ve always loved cooking since I was little. EVERY kid loves getting the kitchen messy, mixing it all up and eating what they made, don’t they? But my real passion for food and cooking came in my early Twenties when I started to travel the world and started to research nutrition and healthy eating. My favourite thing about cooking is sharing it with friends. However, I’d never claim to be a chef!

Q: What’s your favourite dish?

Katy: Oh come on!!! There are so many! I’ll give you ‘one of’ my favourite dishes… Falafel!

Q: Do you have children?

Katy: Not yet!

Q: What are you up next on TV? Any new programme in the pipeline?

Katy: Apart from visiting the CBeebies house every week, there’s a few more exciting ideas in the making!

Q: If you were Mayor of London for the day what would you like to do to improve the Capital?

Katy: Invent nap shops. I love napping and it’s so good for you.

Bliss’ event, Cake A Difference, annual, national fundraiser where everyone around the UK bakes and sells cakes to raise money for the charity. Money raised will enable BLISS to continue the good work supporting babies born premature or sick and their families around the UK.

You can also download a ‘Bun in the oven’ app. You can use this fun game to make a virtual cake and once your creation is done, you can challenge your friends by sharing on Facebook.

For more information on how to participate in the charity campaign visit www.cakeadifference.org

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