A Nation Of Secret Chocolate Lovers …

A recent survey among 886 people from all over the UK on their chocolate eating habits conducted by Prezzybox.com found some fun, weird and amazing facts.

woman eating Chocolate 1

An Astounding 57.2% of would rather have chocolate once per rather than sex.…. 1.3% of men agreed!

78.5% of workers admit stealing chocolate from the communal work fridge

83.1% of women have bought chocolate as a gift for a friend – but eaten it before they could give their friend it!

Women in London are the least likely to share a chocolate bar 1.1% (it’s mine!)

Women in York are the most likely to share a bar of chocolate 11%

71.7% of women eat a family sized chocolate bar on their own at least TWICE per year.

13.3% of women would rather admit to sleeping with a stranger, rather than admit stealing their mates chocolate.

Liverpool residents eat the most chocolate in the UK per year, 14kg WOW!

The average UK resident munches their way through 10kg of chocolate per year

Men (sex sign) spend £36 per year on chocolate (this includes valentines) Tight!

Women (sex sign) spend £57 per year on chocolate

A perfect night includes chocolate for 68.3% of women

74.7% of women secretly buy and eat a chocolate bar at least once per week (diet starts tomorrow?)

Men eat 41% more dark chocolate than women.

Women eat 54% more white chocolate then men.

woman eating Chocolate 2

Top 5 Friendly Towns & cities where chocolate is shared by women.

York 11%

Newcastle 10.3%

Huddersfield 8.7%

Portsmouth 8.5%

Manchester 8.4%

5 Towns & cities where chocolate is LEAST shared by women.

London 1.1% Are you surprised by this? But again, we should ask ourselves as London Mums whether we love sharing our chocolate….

Leicester 1.78%

Hull 3.3%

Nottingham 3.4%

Leeds 4.7%

Top 5 Chocolate Eaters in the UK, average per person per year.

Liverpool 14kg per year

Hull 13.57kg

Glasgow 13.34 Kg

Sheffield 12.6 Kg

Cardiff 12.01 Kg

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